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Ejecto Golf Cup

Golf cup + solenoid = no bending
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Bending down to get your golf ball out of the cup sucks. So I will install solenoids into golf cups to eject the ball out straight up into the air (approx 4' high). Infrared (or maybe RFID) sensors in the cup and your shoe will detect when you wave your shoe over the cup. The solenoid will then activate, shooting the ball up into the air. You catch the ball and move on. Every player will receive a small sensor to attach to his shoe when he pays his green fees for the round.
DeathNinja, Aug 17 2003


       Do golf balls contain metal?
Detly, Aug 17 2003

       Great idea! Let the lazy golfers with their golf carts and minimal exercise find more ways NOT to be active.
JimmyPiper, Aug 17 2003

       Install about 200 of these in a paved area in front of the clubhouse, hook up a computer to control them, and you can have a golf ball "fountain".
krelnik, Aug 18 2003

       Won't it eject the flag stick?
waugsqueke, Aug 18 2003

       [wuag] Sounds good to me.
DeathNinja, Aug 18 2003

       What a hit! Yes! Yes! YESSSSS! IT'S IN!!! <POP!> No wait ... it's out again.   

FloridaManatee, Aug 18 2003

       Seems like a heck of a lot of trenching and rather substantial amounts of conduit and wiring just to power 18 little solenoids. Or were you putting a solar sail on each flag that recharges a storage battery buried in a waterproof vault beneath the hole?
jurist, Aug 18 2003

bristolz, Aug 18 2003

       //shooting the ball up into the air. You catch the ball and move on// ... or... bring a baseball bat and turn it into a whole new sport...
Cedar Park, Aug 18 2003

       I agree the learning curve would be fun to watch. +
k_sra, Aug 19 2003

       You need something like this for water hazards. Maybe sand traps, too.
phundug, Aug 19 2003

       //new golf ball injuries//   

       The hole could have a pneumatic piston (or spring-loaded pneumatic cushioned). The weight of the ball in the cup presses a release, and the cup gets raised slowly to a comfortable retrieval level. Push the piston back in place using the flag or a club. You’ll put out fewer eyes this way.
Amos Kito, Aug 19 2003

       As long as the golf courses can still change the pin position easily, I'm all for it.
oxen crossing, Aug 19 2003

       <ravenswood>I'm in favour of anything that involves playing with your (insert pastime here).</ravenswood>
po, Aug 19 2003

       Can you make the ball explosive too?
sartep, Aug 19 2003

       This was a Candid Camera Classic wasn't it?
wombat, Aug 19 2003

       [DeathNinja] There are a proliferation of suction like devices that fit on the top of the handle of your putter that will accomplish this!.
p.s. My mum is 66 and doesn't complain ;-)
gnomethang, Aug 19 2003

       // suction like devices that fit on the top of your putter //   

       I already have one of these. Oh, wait. You mean for golf....
DeathNinja, Aug 19 2003

       Now if we can only find a way to get rid of all that tiresome swinging this could be a decent sport.
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

       (says the very tall golfer of OZ...)
k_sra, Aug 20 2003

       Caddies with bad backs.
FarmerJohn, Aug 20 2003

       Could also be helpful in the prison golf tournament...
Deadlock'd, Feb 03 2004

       Wouldn't it be easier to place a compressed sprnig in there instead. When the little bump of the golf ball hits it...FORE!!!
croissantz, Aug 30 2004


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