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Faithful gallery

Your true fans!
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He tees up on number eighteen, all alone and having a terrible round... for some reason he seems very happy, despite his lousy score. Here's his swing... it's in the woods again! But!!! The gallery, a tiny electronic device hidden in the head of his driver plays a recording of a bunch of enthusiastic golf fans responding with applause and ooohs! That sure takes the sting out of yet another slice. Tip your hat, pick up your bag and head down the fairway with your private gallery toward the clubhouse to celebrate ...
stringstretcher, Oct 30 2003


       I like this. The club should only praise when the sweet spot is hit. If the player slices or hooks, the "crowd" should say "Awwww".
phoenix, Oct 30 2003

       Well then they wouldn't be a faithful gallery, would they?
k_sra, Oct 30 2003

       Why stop at applause? It could go onto Queen playing "We Are The Champions", the Allelujah Chorus, etc.
DrCurry, Oct 30 2003

       Sure they'd be faithful. They'd be feeling sorry that you didn't hit the ball well. It's when they cheer for your crappy shots that they're not being faithful.
phoenix, Oct 30 2003

       Obviously your definition and mine differ greatly on that point. If I flub up, I already know it. The "faithful" gallery is just covering to be nice. They know I know.
k_sra, Oct 30 2003

       Okay, just a "golf clap" then?
phoenix, Oct 30 2003

       Maybe it should be called Blind and Faithful Gallery? If I had to hit the sweet spot, I'd probably spend more time checking to see if the batteries worked than I would playing golf.
stringstretcher, Oct 30 2003

       I checked a link from another idea that uses transmitters in balls to let you play a virtual course... could borrow those and place the transducers around the green of a real course so that when your sand lob lands on the short it senses the moment and gives you a biscuit? With enough Pavlov training one MIGHT learn how to play:-)
stringstretcher, Oct 31 2003

       Croissant, but only if I can have shouts of "IN THE HOLE!" at every par 4 & 5 on the course. Then it would be just like the Ryder Cup in America!
[UB] Open the face of the sand wedge, open stance with shoulders 15Degres to left of flag (for right hander) and hit the sand VERY firmly about 2" behind the ball. FOLLOW through. Tip your hat and make the 12" putt.
gnomethang, Nov 05 2003

       Your opponent might couneract with their own tiny electronic device which simulates the sounds of people rattling their car keys, opening cans of drink, etc.

It'll be an arms race.
hippo, Nov 06 2003


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