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Finger putt-putt

A tiny golf course
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This game would be a tiny but complete miniature golf course. It could be laid out on a table and played alone or with friends by hitting the tiny golf balls with a (credit: bneal) little pedulum swung by string from one's finger. A subscription to the hole-of-the-month is available.

Miniature golf, also called putt-putt golf, is golf, except the course is tiny and involves lots of little obstacles. Link attached for those who don't understand.

Voice, May 13 2008

table-top golf, but played with pool cues! http://www.amazon.c...tx4ft/dp/B0002HVHY4
[xandram, May 13 2008]

miniature golf is not like regular golf only smaller. http://z.about.com/.../1/minaturegolf.jpg
I propose very, very miniature golf. [Voice, May 13 2008]


       By me whiskers, I've been fishboned without notice! Avast ye scurvy dog, face the sword of my scorn or walk the plank of self discovery!confess yer doings or I'll keel-haul yer mangy hide to Davy Jone's locker! Avast I say! Stand and deliver your reasonings!
Voice, May 13 2008

       Looks like it’s basically baked. I like the idea except for the thumping part. That makes it too easy to cheat. How about a little swinging pendulum putter?
bneal27, May 13 2008

       My idea is for many tiny obstacles. There would be a little battery- powered windmill to get past, a rising and falling fault, with flowing lava to avoid, perhaps a pitate ship with little pirates and ninjas swinging their swords at the ball, and so forth.
Voice, May 13 2008

       // perhaps a pitate ship //
Pitta? Potato? Pitot?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 13 2008


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