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Alternative Bio-fuel

Store your gas emissions for later use
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A device to collect and store the end product of passing gas. Some method of attaching a tube or other gas-tight collection device to the terminus of the GI tract. A small vacuum pump would operate either in pressure-activated auto or manual on-demand mode to capture the flatus and pressurize it into a small tank for storage, and later retrieval for possible heating (forget cooking!) or power generation application. A vehicle fuel system interface and regulator system could provide better mileage from your vehicle by providing some of your own "fuel". Say, after a meal of sauerkraut & bratwurst, your mileage is up 15%! In cold climates this might prove invaluable as a starting aid on cold mornings. A flame arrestor would be required to avert potential danger from backfiring into one's own plumbing, causing a deadly form of internal combustion on a very personal level. Certain foods might cause a "check engine" light or cause damage to the 02 sensor or catalytic converter, depending on what has been consumed recently. Eat accordingly, your mileage may vary! Could be the ultimate bio-fuel hybrid vehicle. Also could be an emergency "limp-in" power source if you run out of primary fuel. Keep a supply of beans in the trunk if you find yourself in danger of being stranded in the middle of nowhere.
gkitf16, Jan 31 2006


       I think I had this idea when I was about 12, so I don't know if it's all that unique. Also, I don't think you could get a usable ammount of gas. And who really wants to wear this thing around all day?   

       Other than those practical concers, it might work, especially as an alternate fuel source in a car. Just don't ask for me to volunteer.
discontinuuity, Jan 31 2006


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