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Butt anti-plug

Never need to fart again
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It's just a buttplug, with a shape optimized for comfort and unobtrusiveness, with a hole running through the middle, covered at the inward-pointing end by a gas-permeable membrane so it doesn't permit egress of non-gases. This results in fart gases leaving the body as soon as they reach the rectum, rather than building up and having to be released in bursts. This should result in no noises and no noticeable odor, because it will be so dilute.

Prior art discussion:

[1] is in the shape of a tube, rather than a buttplug. I believe my invention has the advantages of being a buttplug, which people like to wear (some people, anyway, and the rest probably won't mind trying one if it denecessitates farting), and of being smaller, which will be easier to conceal. [1] also has the elements of storage or processing of fart gas, while mine simply releases it into the atmosphere. I think that processing for odor will is unnecessary with the dilution resulting from continuous release, and processing for energy extraction will not be worth the effort for the small amount of energy it contains. [1] also mentions the possibility of a miniaturized version that could be worn to bed. My invention is already that small.

[2] is very similar to my invention, but does not have the optimized buttplug shape, being simply a tube with a flange. It also implies the necessity of neutralizing or masking the odor, which, again, I think is not necessary. As well, it is designed and marketed as a disposable product, whereas mine is durable and should last quite a while before wearing out.

[3] is a device for holding the buttcheeks apart rather than the anus open. My device should do that to a great enough extent with its flared base, which, being designed for long-term wearer comfort, holds the buttcheeks slightly apart—enough to keep them from sealing and keep itself from slipping inside, while avoiding the discomfort of a wide object in the buttcrack.


Well then.

notexactly, Feb 26 2017

[1] Fart Catheter
Prior art, discussed above [notexactly, Feb 26 2017]

[2] Bum tube
Prior art, discussed above [notexactly, Feb 26 2017]

[3] Fart Silencer
Prior art, discussed above [notexactly, Feb 26 2017]


       There is no way we are going to google for prior art on this. No way whatsoever.
8th of 7, Feb 26 2017

       Farts don't build up at the rectum over hours, but seconds. Nevertheless this device should work as long as you're healthy and eating your fiber,
Voice, Feb 26 2017

       Glass, or carbon ... ?
8th of 7, Feb 26 2017

       "This should result in no noises and no noticeable odor, because it will be so dilute"   

       MFD, bad science. Actually, no science, butt who's counting?
normzone, Feb 26 2017

       Benjamin Franklin ?
8th of 7, Feb 26 2017

       [+] Useful for butt plug enthusiasts who can't fart while so engaged. Having to take that thing out every time you have to let one go is a pain in the ass.
tatterdemalion, Feb 27 2017

       We find it very disturbing that you appear to have precise, indeed intimate, personal knowledge of the issues involved, [tat] …
8th of 7, Feb 27 2017


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