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Amazon.com author interviews

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This morning I saw a podcast with the author of a newly released book. The podcast created a tipping point effect and I went to the amazon.com and bought the book. After making the purchase I realized the book had no reviews (yet). Had I come looking for the book and seen no reviews I would never have bought it. So here is the idea: amazon.com should have author interviews and post them on their site, this adds another dimension to the buying experience and my hunch is it will boost sales.
nomadic_wonderer, Mar 11 2008

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       Baked: "New feature! Amazon now allows customers to upload product video reviews. Use a webcam or video camera to record and upload reviews to Amazon."
Authors can do this too.
ldischler, Mar 11 2008

       [ldischler] so an author makes a video where he/she asks and answers their own questions? I don't think my idea suggests that approach.
nomadic_wonderer, Mar 11 2008

       Looks like you can do whatever you want. Get an interviewer; they're not stopping you.
ldischler, Mar 11 2008

       Yeah, Amazon makes it very easy for authors to promote their books.
DrCurry, Mar 11 2008


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