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Anglo-American bickering website

Move US/UK bickering to another site, freeing up this one to be full of ideas and stuff.
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When the WTC collapsed and people still insisted on arguing on the spelling of centre/center, I finally had enough. A bit of trans-Atlantic rivalry is harmless I suppose, but the Halfbakery is now so bogged down in it at times it can become tiresome. Another site allowing people to argue the pronounciation of aluminium until their throats bled would keep this one fresher. Maybe the only reason anyone ever comes in here is for a scrap though so I could be wrong. Go ahead and tell me.
Redbrickterrace, Sep 17 2001

Afro-American bickering http://www.asante.n...piah-fallacies.html
We probably should diversify the 'hood by bringing in a few Yanks. [reensure, Sep 17 2001]

UK Politics Miscellaneous Newsgroup news://uk.politics.misc
A lot of people use this group to scrap with Brits. [Aristotle, Sep 17 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

NMPB http://www.halfbake...intless_20Bickering
Does no one remember this? [AfroAssault, Sep 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       I have to point out that in a textual format it is all too easy to think people from diverse parts of the commonwealth (and the wider world) are English just because they speak International English (see link).
Aristotle, Sep 18 2001

       Being proudly English, I love having a quick pop at American accents and words or whatever. What a strange race, Vests and pants on the outside is a bit of a shocker really, but then again Superman makes it work quite well! However today I'm going to vote against a U.S v U.K bickering site as I'd prefer one where we can rip into Canadians, after all they can't decide if they are American, French, English or just overgrown Eskimoes!
sven3012, Sep 18 2001

       Bring it, you limey bastards!   

       Regarding lager louts, Rods -- point taken. Still, we in the land of apple pie invented Texans and televangelists, who together have done (and will do) far more damage to world society than your homegrown hooligans ever could.
1percent, Sep 18 2001

       The activities of the lager louts / soccer thugs don't make me ashamed to be British, simply ashamed that *they* are British.
angel, Sep 20 2001

       Sven is an unfortunate name I know, but there are 5 Steves in my local pub so we all got Euro Steve names one drunken night. Any way I think it's O.K. now that I'm an international football manager. Also I can't decide whether lager-louts, Texans or Japanese tourist groups are worse...
sven3012, Sep 20 2001

       Speaking as someone who goes to a great deal of trouble to dumb down my ideas so ill-educated yanks can understand them, I must say how dismayed I am by this. After all, as well as hating the canadians (sven) surely we're united by a detestation of the French. I submit we all take a couple of hours tonight to watch A Matter Of Life And Death, that fine World War II propaganda film. And then be glad that none of us have moustaches like that any more.
pottedstu, Sep 22 2001

       To all posters in this thread...Please take note of a joyous Anglo - American unison... my wedding. She's a gorgeous gal from Boston (yeah yeah... "where do ya paaark ya caaaar, in Haaaarvaaaaard yaaaaaard" - which, BTW, nobody ever says) and I'm very happy thank you. AND...We have enough US-UK barnies (look it up, yanks) to last a lifetime and put all of you lot to shame. Be nice, people.
Starmanz, Jan 03 2002

       Being proudly English, I love affirming my solidarity with the USA. perhaps being born in 1942 explains that.   

       Anyway, according to a letter in the Times, US English is more correct than current UK English!   

       What is amusing is filling in WWW info where one is required to enter a State rather than a country. I don't mind either! I usually enter New England.   

       As for beer: I truly believe that Europians drink lager.   

       Its certainly easier to communicate with English speaking people. And there is a lot of us (English Speaking people) all over the World.   

       But multicultural issues are national issues, its not the West VS the East etc in this Century.   

       The WTC, is the World, not the US Trade Center, we have been attacked, we will unite against this threat.   

       Where's the bickering? anyway. Why not have a dual spelling system in exams? center and centre (French) as equally acceptable?
uked, Jan 07 2002

       So if this site is mostly British, then I theorize that that might explain the high tendency towards bickering in general. Took the brits how long to unite your own island?
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2002

       We have two main islands not to mention the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Man, Anglesey and a whole load off Scotland and the Channel Islands and a few bits and pieces that get cut off at high tide. apologies if I have forgotten anything north of watford
po, Feb 07 2002


//US English is more correct than current UK English! - no such thing as correct english. Ideas like that are just relics of the era when Jonathon Swift et al tried to retro fit inflected latinate grammatical and linguistic rules on a non-inflected language. English has too many influences for any one dialect to be correct.

//Why not have a dual spelling system in exams? center and centre (French) as equally acceptable? - we do. Write "amn't" in an English exam paper south of Coldstream and you'll get marked down, write it north of Carlise and you won't.
(Sorry about that, but comments like those really irritate me)
mcscotland, Feb 07 2002

       Do you get marked down if your write "amped" instead?
bristolz, Feb 08 2002

       Probably, in anything other than a physics paper I suppose.
mcscotland, Feb 08 2002

       Aye. Almost 300 years and I'm still not convinced.
mcscotland, Feb 08 2002

       Actually, strictly speaking the Scots *are* Britain - along with Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and a few other bits. It's just that those bloody Krauts (Anglo-Saxons, indeed! German sausage-suckers more like.) stole our land and appropriated its name. Britain for the British, I say. Angles and Saxons go home! Of course, anyone else is welcome. But that's another troll - I mean rant - I mean argument. La la la. As you were.
Guy Fox, Feb 08 2002

       oh get back behind your wall, Mac, and quit yer bellyaching.
po, Feb 08 2002

       Back to Ireland with the Scottish interlopers. Pictland for the Picts.
Monkfish, Feb 08 2002

       [GuyFox]: I though the Bretons came from Normandy?

Know many Picts Monkfish?

Anyway I'll take GuyFox's lead - this is a rant, so I'll stop it now and just slink back into my parochial corner.
mcscotland, Feb 08 2002

       Some of my best friends are Picts. Charming people. Hard done by. Bit skittish.
Monkfish, Feb 08 2002

       Pict on a lot, were they?
StarChaser, Feb 09 2002

       This is the funniest thing i've ever read....... I like Scots and I like Irish and I like Yorkshire people etc - but why don't you all fuck off and leave Cumbria to the Cumbrians? Bloody incomers.......(lol)
sourmash, May 11 2004

       What's there to argue about?
The language is called English, and it's our language...
The Americans are in the privileged position to Fuck off if they don't like it!

       Glad i got that off my chest!
MikeOliver, May 11 2004

       America and England are separated by a common language.
elven_pixie, May 11 2004


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