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Angulation Helper

Goalposts project laser beams along the surface of the playing field.
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This is actually a product, but it fits nicely here.

Akin to the laser levels sold by Mastercraft, the Angulation Helper is (1)a ball that emits some kind of electromagnetic signal, and (2)a goal that projects one laser beam from each post, aiming them at the ball, so that the goalkeeper can correctly position himself during practice. Hockey puck version available.

Cuit_au_Four, Nov 29 2005


       I read this as "Anglolation helper," which I presume is some sort of cannibalization product from Pillsbury.
shapu, Nov 29 2005

       Do the goal post lasers create a 3D grid on the field, so the goalkeeper can always see where he is in relation to, and how far out he is from, the goal?
sleeka, Nov 29 2005

       Sorry, I wasn't clear in my description. Yes, DrCurry, the lasers do point at the ball, and there is only one laser per post, sleeka. I've updated the idea.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 29 2005

       Okay, sounds like a plan.   

       But how do you stop the lasers from blinding the center forward? I guess you cou;d equip him/her with safety goggles.
DrCurry, Nov 29 2005

       I could use this on the snooker table   

       perhaps not, unless you can get around the 'get the beams to bounce off / reflect at the sides' problem
po, Nov 30 2005

       There are laser beams forming a triangle, with the ball and the two goal posts as the vertices. I can't see how this would help anyone. Does the goal-keeper not know already where the ball is? If not, why not just have the ball light up?
angel, Nov 30 2005

       This reminds me of goalies shoving open and closed their rolling chain link gates ... sort of a stadium sized pinball game.
reensure, Nov 30 2005

       Well the idea is, as a goalkeeper, you would want to position yourself along a line from the center of the net to the ball, so you would want to stay halfway in between the two lasers. Sometimes it's easy to get sucked over too far to one side without realizing it.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 30 2005


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