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Keep your identity a secret from those prying cameras!
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A flip-down filter of some sort, worn as part of headgear or wearable like a big pair of glasses, that pixelizes your recognizable (ie. identifiable) features into 9 or 16 vaguely flesh-coloured rectangles. Just like you see on the news, or COPS, only BEFORE you're filmed! Would need suitably positioned eye-holes, and might not be as reliable in sideways lawbreaking. Also available as a black rectangle, or a gradually fading white nothingness. Super-deluxe version incorporates a totally enclosed, darkened, portable booth, which only shows your silhouette, plus a voice distortion feature. It works on TV, so why not in real-life?
tretchikoff, Jul 13 2000

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       If they can distort your appearance on television from your regular one wouldn't it then be possible to scramble your distorted appearance and get your acctual one. P.S. im an idiot.
RobEC, Aug 19 2000

       No. You're throwing out too much information (only hiding, actually, so conservation-of-information theories don't come into play). Though there are plenty of scramblers that aren't lossy.   

       P.S. You forgot the big blue dot version, tretchikoff.
bookworm, Aug 20 2000

       or the soft porn trick of "just out of frame."
raisin, Dec 08 2000

       Why not just wear a ski mask? Or a fake wig and beard?
Sulla 's Ghost, Feb 21 2002

       ooo this is good. Of course you'd draw more attention to yourself with it on than not and would be nicked in a matter of minutes for some sort of spurious offence, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area or something.   

       We in the UK are being far too understanding about these disgraceful things. If anyone's been to Brighton, you'll notice the whoel place is covered with them, so you can pretty much be tracked for your whole life there, specially once the facial recognition software comes in. Some of the cameras in the centre of the squares seemed to spend most of their time pointing at windows for some reason.
notripe, Feb 21 2002


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