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Clothes and accessories all made in as minimal a way as possible to look like beings
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Maybe this is already going on and I am just repeating something that is common practice, or even one company. Because I have seen two examples today of a hoodie and a book bag that were sort of anthropomorphized, but not fully.

So the idea would be for a minimal set of say eyes, ears and a mouth that could be added consistently to a line of clothing and accessories that fully anthropomorphize the article of clothing. So you wouldn't just put ears on a hoodie, you would instead only add on features that took every aspect of the hoodie into account, so the most obvious analogs would be the opening of the hood as a mouth, so lips could be sewn around the opening, and the arms of the hoodie would be the arms of the being, and the waist of the hoodie would be the anus of the being, so folded legs could be sewn onto the sides of the hoodie.

The fashion line could use the most minimal design for the eyes, ears, mouth, and appendages, together with the most obvious placement and holistic attention to analogizing the whole body to give a familial similarity to all of their products.

I must be describing a trend that is already out there, I think I must have just seen a few badly implemented examples of it. I don't get out much, especially to schools where this kind of thing would be popular.

JesusHChrist, Nov 21 2013

Like this? http://www.pinteres...n/7529524350092495/
Dom Streater's design from Project Runway Season 12 Episode 3. [Alterother, Nov 21 2013]

Person Trashcan Person_20Trash_20Can
[JesusHChrist, Nov 22 2013]

Raspberry Guy Raspberry_20Guy
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EyePants http://netfreedombl...3/11/blog-post.html
[JesusHChrist, Nov 25 2013]

The opposite of this - making human beings look like something else... http://cvdazzle.com/
...or not, maybe... [normzone, Nov 25 2013]

Fishirt http://netfreedombl...1/blog-post_26.html
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Dogshirt http://netfreedombl...1/blog-post_27.html
[JesusHChrist, Nov 27 2013]

Partum T Partum_20T
[JesusHChrist, Jan 11 2014]

Dog and cat shirts https://clothingmon...PpskCFYEmHwodUYYHJQ
[JesusHChrist, Nov 23 2015]

Clothing Monster https://clothingmon...h6c8CFYIehgodTf8Pcg
[JesusHChrist, Oct 20 2016]

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       On the latest season of Project Runway, an outfit like this (if I'm grokking you properly) was created by designer Dom Streater, who went on to win. <link>
Alterother, Nov 21 2013

       Nice one, yes that must be the trend I am seeing on the streets, but usually implemented in a sort of half-way cartoon version -- like with the linked picture the mouth is pasted, cartoon-like, over the stomach, although I guess the analogy is that the hand warmer is the functional input of the design. My only contribution to this would be to simplify it so that the neck, sleeves, or waist of a shirt are always analogized to the mouth of the being, and that the other functional inputs and outputs of the analogous being fall into place based on obvious, rather than clever, complicated, or aesthetic reasons. So if a shirts neck is the mouth, then it's butt has to be the other obvious opening of the shirt -- the waist. Other functional inputs and out puts should fall into an obvious heirarchical order.   

       Ok looking back at it, my comment is that the eyes are not over the breasts, where they should be. Instead it seems like the eyes are randomly placed on the shoulders.
JesusHChrist, Nov 22 2013

       The idea is that, starting with fashion, you start to design things anthropomorphically and then graduate into designing the function after the form so that devices are intuitive so that we understand what they are for through our genetic programming or just through general intuition.   

       I am taking a Raspberry Pi class and would love for the box to be designed with the camera input as the eyes and mic input as ears and speakers as mouth and screen as face and power as belly button or genitals or mouth (stomach tube) (link)
JesusHChrist, Nov 22 2013

       The link has a beautiful neck.
Mustardface, Nov 23 2013

       Well, she's a professional model who was hired by Heidi Klum, so it's a good bet she already knows that. Still I'll pass along the compliment next time I run into her.
Alterother, Nov 23 2013


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