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Anti-voodoo doll

a doll to heal and protect the subject
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Instead of poking pins in a dolly, poke love and care into it. I make dolls, and add items into the stuffing to signify my hopes and wishes for the doll's owner. I have a friend who REALLY BELIEVES in healing crystals, so- healing crystals go into the doll. Bloodstone in the lower torso for the stomach and reproductive organs, Blue Adventurine in the chest against asthma. Do I believe in healings stones? Not really, but she does, and I hope the power of her belief gives her hope, if not genuine relief. Herbs, prayers written out and inserted into the doll- whatever the belief system requires.
DragonMother, Dec 18 2000

Voodoo http://www.religiou...ance.org/voodoo.htm
A pretty descriptive link, describes the basics and trans-atlantic connections. [reensure, Dec 18 2000]

(?) Esperitisimo http://www.uprm.edu...es/mnunez/katz.html
A form of faith in the healer's abilities. Good discussion of the shortcomings of Western investigative science. [reensure, Dec 18 2000]


       So that's how I got kidney stones!
Jonathan, Dec 18 2000

       "APOLOGIA" I just got a letter from a friend who objected to my working within a belief system I don't wholly embrace. It's not that I dont embrace it- Here's the thing. I was raised an Athiest, and a sceptic, and although I see patterns, I maybe interpret them a little differently. I definitely have respect for my materials, and I have far more respect for the beliefs that power them. I go to great pains to ensure that my clients get what they expect. I will even research for properties, and argue with my clients about what stones are better for the use we are putting them. If someone wants to put their trust in my work, I am not willing to fail that trust. But, that's just basic integrity, I would hope! Terry Pratchett, one of our times greatest philosophers, put approximately like this; "Preists," he says "do not beleive in the gods they serve. How can they? They know them far too intimately..." Am I half-baking a different idea here?
DragonMother, Dec 18 2000

       Are not voodoo dolls designed to do just as you suggest? My belief is that the dolls, talismans, emblems, engrams, or whatever form they take, were conceived as a means to protect the holder from evil outside influences. Further, the popular media of the past few hundred years have portrayed these dolls as instruments of revenge by the hand of voodoo "priests" or "priestessess" (I parenthesize to denote the anti-catholic bias implicit in these portrayals ;--0)

Actually, you would NOT want to do some of the things our local Santeria followers do to ward off evil.
reensure, Dec 22 2000

       Why not just put Band-aids on a regular voodoo doll?
Alx_xlA, Feb 03 2009

       Was going to post this, saw it's already been suggested, bunned it.   

       End of communication.
doctorremulac3, May 24 2018

       // End of communication //   

       Sp. "That is all."
8th of 7, May 24 2018


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