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Effigies R Us

Market Realistic Effigies
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The rioters around the world are using horrible effigies to burn and mutilate. You cant even tell who they are suppose to be. The news anchor has to say that its Uncle Sam or Bush or Hillary or Ronald McDonald. Sometimes they are really hard to burn too. And who's making those flags ? I propose that someone market realistic effigies for the film crews to give to the rioters to burn and mutilate.
KindlyRat, Oct 13 2001

Who's making those flags? http://www.washingt...Id=A59580-2001Sep19
Shanghai Mei Li Hua Flags Co., China - apparently. [sdm, Oct 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

I should have posted this idea... http://www.halfbake...20Person_20Effigies
...instead of just musing about something similar. Oh well. [angel, Oct 13 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       "Spittin Image" anyone?
po, Oct 13 2001

       With November the Fifth rapidly approaching, I could not possibly condone any idea for furthering effigy-burning.
Guy Fox, Oct 13 2001

       //And who's making those flags ?// I remember reading somewhere that this (well, not the flag burning nonsense, but) Apple Pie patriotism and people flocking behind the flag will probably have a visible effect in China's output for the year. I'll try and find a link...   

       As for people burning the US flag in Pakistan - cheers to the brave soul who is trying to import them. I bet they'd have to show proof that the flags are for burning. I can imagine customs inspectors sniffing the flags to make sure they're flammable and up to standard.   

       Send me a business plan, [KindlyRat], and we'll make a fortune from this idea.
sdm, Oct 13 2001

       Well, as Guy Fox points out, there is still an effigy-burning tradition in the UK.   

       Didn't the Klan used to burn effigies? It seems like the sort of thing they would be into. And that was in the US, not so terribly long ago.   

       The Burning Man at the eponymous festival is arguably an effigy, though not of a specific, despised person as in the other two cases.
wiml, Oct 14 2001

       Make them out of meat. Mmmm...effigyros.
If you hook up with whoever makes those "Crunch This" dolls, you'll make a killing.
nick_n_uit, Oct 14 2001

       The Klan tended to grab a live one every now and then if Effigies R Us was closed for the evening, didn't they?
A Farrago Of Calumnies, Oct 15 2001

       To do that, we'd have to send Miss Manners along with Martha, but hey more power to the poor schmucks who have to transport them over there.
moonsprite, Oct 15 2001

       there is apparently a new version of 'The Wicker Man'
po, Jun 30 2002


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