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Effigy Systems Incorporated

Rage against the machine
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Perhaps I am especially annoyed by technology that doesn't work right. Perhaps I'm just not buying the right technology. But from time to time I just feel some rage towards my computer, laptop computer, cell phone computer. The urge to hurl them into the lake is not uncommon.

This idea, while immediately satisfying, has several downsides. I'd lose the useful function of the device, it's probably bad for the fish, and that stuff is expensive!

So combine my rage against machines with my fascination with cardboard TVs for demoing furniture and we have the core concept behind a dubious business strategy.

What we all need is a beautiful new system from Effigy Systems Incorporated. ESI specializes in biodegradable cardboard machines with the right mix of heft and crunchability. So just order a crate of ESI laptops, computers, and cellular telephones with the novelty ring tone. Keep your ESI craptop next to your laptop. When your laptop overheats and crashes, transfer your rage to the cardboard machine instead. A cathartic yet economical and environmentally friendly experience.

joeforker, Jun 22 2005

rage against the machine http://www.ratm.com/
pretty cool band [zeno, Jun 22 2005]


       Well, cause I'm roamin' round' my desktop with a shotgun, cause Bill Gaits ain't seen a middle income man since his PR depatment fired one! Uhh!
daseva, Jun 22 2005

       Is all the world crashes and viruses?   

       Turn on the monitor! Naw, fuck it! Turn it off! Fear is your only God in the monitor, naww, fuck it! Turn it off!   

       I wanna be, Gates or Steve Jobs, I wanna wear a pair of big wooden clogs. I wanna be Steve jo Jo JO JO please don't die!   

       Okay, I'll stop turning RATM lyrics into trash...
daseva, Jun 22 2005

       Much appreciated.
Texticle, Jun 22 2005


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