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billgee doll

Blame it on Bill Gates
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Seeing lotsa animated voice dolls these days, like WCW Hulk Hogans and Macho Man Randy Savage dolls that spew out stuff like "oh, my arm!" whenever the kid squeezes or rassles with the doll....well, this new doll looks like Bill Gates and shouts out stuff like 'sorry, you are out of virtual memory for this application', and 'please re-boot me now' You could even hook the doll up to your pee-cee game port and it could laugh at you every time Windows2000 dumps on you and loses your latest two hours of work and data....a guaranteed hit.
hotdog, Mar 03 2000

Martian Popping Thing http://www.mcphee.c.../classic/09500.html
Mine sits on top of my PC and got squeezed in times of stress, until it popped one day (hence the name). The resemblance to a certain CEO is kinda amazing, especially when the eyes bug out. [rmutt, Mar 03 2000]

Plush Cthulhu Dolls http://www.tccorp.c...OPA&Category_Code=4
While we're on the subject... [cosma, Mar 03 2000]

Gatesbunny doll http://www.ierna.co...ages/gatesbunny.jpg
A doll I made because I don't much like Mr. Gates or the Intel bunnies. Sadly, it's not got a voicebox. Yet. Muhuhaha! [tomierna, Mar 03 2000]

Villian, for now -- the verdict. http://brunching.co...microsoftsplit.html
Cute, probably temporary, *FLASH* verdict [reensure, Mar 03 2000]

Cuddly Cthulhu http://www.xmission...~hastur/cuddly.html
Plush Cthulhu, the second! [jutta, Mar 03 2000]

Bill Gates voodoo doll http://www.margaret...ft/gates_right.html
[madradish, Jan 15 2002]


       The scope for 'Easter Eggs' in such a product is huge - after the right sequence of squeezes in the right areas (!), the doll would shout "OK, OK, I admit - Word sucks!" or "I feel so guilty, Paul Allen did all the hard work in the early days of Microsoft and I got all the money!".
hippo, Mar 06 2000

       How about a Bill Gates voodoo doll? Use when blue screen of death becomes too much...
madradish, Jan 15 2002

       Oooh! I could put this one next to my Larry Ellison, Jim Barksdale, Steve Case, Scott McNealy and Thomas Penfield Jackson voodoo dolls and watch him kick their asses.
bristolz, Jan 15 2002


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