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Antihistamine-laced Kleenex

Fixing the problem at the source.
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Make a box of tissues where each tissue is laced with contact antihistamine, the same chemical used in nasal antihistamine sprays.

Every time I blow my nose because my stupid friend forgot to take off his cat-wrestling jacket before coming to my house, I wipe a shot of relief directly onto my oh-so-permeable mucous membranes. Within two or three tissues, I'm both high as a kite and fit as a fiddle.

(If you want to avoid the "high as a kite" part, only lace every 5th Kleenex, so only those who find themselves using piles of Kleenices get the heavier dosage.)

michaeltherobot, Apr 22 2006

Anti-Viral Kleenex http://www.kleenex.com/us/av/index.asp
[DrCurry, Apr 22 2006]


       weird title
po, Apr 22 2006

       Po: Kleenex the company would prefer that I use up all of my Kleenex in a single day of miserable honking, as I more quickly repurchase their product. My product is thus self-defeating, as Kleenex's ultimate goal is to make money. I doubt they could increase the price to cover the loss in repurchases, because I really go through 100 Kleenex when I get a noseful of cat. Nobody would buy a $60 box of Kleenex. Alas, we'll have to wait for a company to come along who has puts the interest of its users ahead of profit.
michaeltherobot, Apr 22 2006

       Kleenex does come with an antiviral form, though it's pretty difficult to find. Years and years ago, I read a report in the New Scientist that medicated tissues are by far the most effective way of stopping colds spreading, and I've been on the lookout for them ever since.   

       Given that antihistamines can be dangerous to some heart conditions, I think that form of medication would be hard to control in tissue form.
DrCurry, Apr 22 2006

       sp: po :)   

       I still think its a weird title and DC' s anno is enlightening
po, Apr 22 2006

       Cat-wrestling jacket? Please elaborate.
DesertFox, Apr 22 2006

       [DesertFox]: Some feline-owning friends carry a good fifth of their cat's mass along with them, in fur form, on their clothing. And at least 4 ounces of dander protein. I assume that this much transfer of matter can only be accomplished through thorough and intimate contact with the clothing itself, which, as we all know, is best accomplished during an extensive wrestling match.
michaeltherobot, Apr 22 2006

       OK, I've switched the name based on rcarty's thorough argument.   

       This was actually my first post at HB; should I delete the comments about the strange title or leave them for posterity?
michaeltherobot, Apr 22 2006

       [DrCurry]: Let's slap a nice warning label on the box to protect those with heart conditions.   

       Also, I wonder if antiviral Kleenex are *still* the most effect way of stopping colds spreading, or if that only works when a few people are using them. If everyone used them, the only colds that spread would be those resistant to the antiviral. Perhaps as antiviral Kleenex have become more common (they were available where I lived in the US) they've reduced their own effectiveness.
michaeltherobot, Apr 23 2006

       I will elaborate: the most effective way of stopping a cold spreading within a group of people, such as university students in a series of meetings and seminars (the test subjects) or an office place.
DrCurry, Apr 23 2006

       Wait, do you stick the Kleenex up your nose and rub the antihistamines all over? Or are they just supposed to waft peacefully into your nasal cavity as you forcefully exhale mucus?
mastermindmortal, Apr 23 2006

       No, I usually do a couple of good hard wipes after blowing my nose, which is when the transfer happens.
michaeltherobot, Apr 23 2006

       the idea is not reall an eureka. since like others had commented that kleenex thus hv such range of products.   

       am new here. hope i dun offend. but u know wat really can help your prob.   

       some aromatheraphy i your home.. Some good one in the market. they does help for me .... i am using one from france..
yunkit, Apr 24 2006

       yunkit: btr wise up yr spelling f u intend to post ne ideaz.
DrCurry, Apr 24 2006

       [+] Spermicide laced?
Dub, Apr 24 2006

       antiviral/antibacterial is not always good, i rember reading (for thelife of me cant remember where maybe new scientist) that the antibacterial agent in dishsoap reacts with water to produce small ammounts of chloroform. mmmm... chloroform....
bleh, Apr 24 2006

       Would you be so kind as to please show me a pic of the "cat-wrestling jacket"
The Guy On The Couch, Apr 25 2006


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