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Booger-Imprinted Tissues

real snot it’s not
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Four-color offset printed and embossed nasal mucus on each Kleenex to ensure inspection satisfaction after blowing, wiping or digging.
FarmerJohn, Apr 09 2004


       Will each sheet have a different shaped booger imprint? This question goes into the my top ten personal list of questions I never thought I'd ask[btw].
cromagnon, Apr 09 2004

       FJ, I have greatly admired your work in the past....
dentworth, Apr 09 2004

       Some people think it's funny but...   

       Good grief, you let the kiddes play with your account ID?
DrCurry, Apr 09 2004

       what will you putt on the toiletpaper version? please dont answer
xx, Apr 09 2004

       [cromagnon] Yes, at least five different designs, and each sixth sheet would show blood spots to hamper over-usage.   

       [others] It’s awfully gross, but I am pretty well-rounded.
FarmerJohn, Apr 09 2004

       With the imprints messing up the picture, how could I do my Rorschach test or tell the future after blowing? I would never know what state of mind I'm in or when its time to buy a lottery ticket.
kbecker, Apr 09 2004

       I didn't know FJ could even have bad ideas....
futurebird, Apr 09 2004

       Even FJ's worst is better than some.
dentworth, Nov 05 2004

       here here. aaaaaaaaaaachoooooooooo! nice
etherman, Nov 05 2004

       I was pondering this concept. It is very like floor tiles which come speckled and streaked, serving to camouflage stuff that falls on the floor. Tissues could stand such camouflage attempts as well - maybe not boogers per se, but abstract boogeroid designs to camoflage what really might be there.
bungston, Nov 01 2010


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