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Surprise, Surprise, Tissue Box

tissue box that looks like a washing machine
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Colds are underrated sources of misery, requiring copious usage of tissues. That being the case I see no reason why the tissues and their boxes need be so dull and clinical, which brings me to the Surprise, Surprise, Tissue Box.

Like the subtitle implies it looks like a miniature washing machine, with a round door to access the contents, but instead of conventional oblong sheets, these tissues are modelled on the contents of the average washing machine.

Naturally there are lots of socks and underwear, but there will also be small pullovers, shorts, T-shirts and the occasional bra shaped tissue, all randomly packed so that you never know that which you will pull out, next time you need to sneeze or blow your streaming nose.

xenzag, Nov 27 2008

Environmentally friendly tissue paper http://www.theecolo...asp?content_id=1206
one of numerous sites [xenzag, Nov 28 2008]


       - are you doing the washing today perchance?   

       Sometimes people launder their plain sheets and duvet covers - if we could paint a tissue-box in the style of a common brand of washing machine, we could kind of half-bake this idea.
zen_tom, Nov 27 2008

       Why not make it a real washing machine filled with hankies that you use and then put back in and they get washed. Thus recycled and not a waste of paper.
theGem, Nov 28 2008

       Tissues are not a waste of paper. Handkerchiefs by contrast are unhygienic, and the net effect of the energy and water used to wash them is environmentally unfriendly compared to using tissue. Much tissue paper is generated from 100% recyled sources - see link.
xenzag, Nov 28 2008

       From your link: "The problem, said the 2006 WWF survey ‘Scoring of the Tissue Giants’, is that most of the tissue products available in shops today are made of virgin fibres and not recycled content."   

       That appears to say the exact opposite of what you claim it says.   

       (I like the idea, but not for ecological reasons.)
jutta, Nov 28 2008

       Paper recycling is bad for the environment.
Voice, Nov 29 2008

       Look - it's just an idea for tissue boxes who's contents resemble that of the average washing machine. Why all the negativity?
xenzag, Nov 29 2008

       // Why all the negativity? //   

       We're all channelling the spirit of [Unabubba] today.   

       We like this idea and bestow a bun upon it. [+]
8th of 7, Nov 29 2008

       [xenzag], your last anno made me chuckle.
theleopard, Nov 29 2008

       Negativity? Of course you're going to have negativity. I mean here you are, promoting a cute and fun way for folks to access tissues during a time when they are feeling miserable, cold and flu season. How dare you?   

       Surprise, Surprise, Flaky Bun.*   

       * But only if there will be a top-loading model!
Canuck, Nov 29 2008

       I specifically requested no starch.   

       I had missed this one in my absence, I give a positive bun for creativity! +
xandram, Dec 02 2008

       As long as you don't make g-string shaped ones, can't imagine they would be very absorbant! Make big grandma pants.   

       xenzag says that most tissues are recycled but my local supermarket has stopped selling the ONE recycled brand. What's the deal with that?
penguin_tummy, Dec 03 2008

       I don't know - have learned a lot about recycled paper since running this idea. It seems like a good thing, but only by a narrow margin. Just about every toilet roll I see in my local supermarket states that it is made from recyled paper, and how different can this material be to Tissue paper?
xenzag, Dec 05 2008

       I worry that I will find these all pulled out and in a pile, with the frilly panties tissues the only ones missing.
bungston, Dec 05 2008


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