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scented facial tissues

Add aromatherpy scents to tissues to help clear nasal passages.
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Remember those tissues your Grandmother used to pull out of her purse, minty smelling because of the assorted mints and antacid tablets that tumbled around in there with them? Why not manufacture the tissues with the mint scent included? A strong mint scent could even help clear nasal passages when you have a plugged nose. And adding the scent to the tissues could be done as easily as throwing a couple sticks of gum in the bottom of the box (much like how baseball cards end up smelling like bubblegum).
nikfish, Aug 27 2001


       Sorry. I don't remember any of that. Could you be thinking perhaps of someone else's grandmother?
The Military, Aug 27 2001

       puffs makes menthol tissues idiot
axemurdergurl, Aug 27 2001

       Food Toppings: Chopped Raw Onions with Cilantro clear nasal passages - as does wasabi. Maybe you can smear some of each on tissue. Then again, the hard part would be distinguishing whether the tissue was already used or not.
thumbwax, Aug 27 2001

       Remember how when you kissed your grandmother's cheek it always smelt of lavender? And your uncle Murfie's jowls had the aroma of pipe tobacco? And your little brother smelt of milk when he was an infant, and later of peanut butter? Well, with a bit of surgery and our refillable Parfum Diffusing Implants you can make your facial tissues smell just the way you want. Play jokes--one cheek smells of vanilla, the other of licorice! Handle embarrassing emergencies--if your blind date turns out to be the Creature from the Black Lagoon, top off your scent diffusers with dill pickle juice and garlic, and you'll be sure he/she won't ask for another date! Yes, well might you say 'Why didn't I think of that?'
Dog Ed, Aug 27 2001

       I had no idea they were in production anywhere. Guess innovations like that haven't reached the backwater of Toronto. I suppose next time I'll check the net first.
nikfish, Sep 06 2001


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