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Zapruder Tissue Box

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Prop this delightful tissue box on your bedside table, lounge or kitchen area and relive the wonder of assassination every time your nose runs.

On an ornate stand is a lifelike replica of JFK's head with a quizzical look upon his face. At the rear and front of his head are 'magic-bullet' sized apertures that dispense specially dyed and patterned tissues to resemble red/pink brain matter.

benfrost, Nov 04 2005


       its funny that the only brain matter i have really seen is from a dying 60's president. played over and over and over and over again in slow motion with commentary, diagrams, and interviews.
benfrost, Nov 04 2005

       I love it ! I want one ! seriously inventive + for some reason it reminded me of the William Burroughs line: "Does Christ never get tired of Bleeding?"
xenzag, Nov 04 2005

       You have a strange and wonderful sense of humour, [benfrost]. :-)
Adze, Nov 05 2005

       if this event happened today...   

       If George Bush was shot in the head and the camera captured the event   

       the blood   

       the look on his wife's face   

       the world's reaction?   

       it's weird how time dilutes things.
po, Nov 05 2005

       What [Adze] said.   

froglet, Nov 05 2005

       Sticky Grey Matter Bun! (What they said!)
Dub, Nov 05 2005

       //brain matter leaking from the head is no laughing matter// HAHAHAHA!!! ROLF or whatever it is they say.
wagster, Nov 05 2005

       i don't think its a faux pas at all.
benfrost, Nov 06 2005


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