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Autonomous Night-time Technicians
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I propose tiny robots that move around your kitchen at night and pick up any food you've left out. They will use chemical sensors and swarm technology to dissassemble larger particles. They will be small, safe, and inconspicuous. The only fuel they will need is the food they pick up. Furthermore they will be self-replicating.
Voice, Sep 09 2008


       I call them 'mice' but my renters always yell 'rat!!'...   

       Would they be like a roomba vacuum cleaner? Or more cricket-sized?
Bcrosby, Sep 09 2008

       Better or worse tasting when they die in the sugar bowl?
WcW, Sep 09 2008

       And furthermore, will they defend themselves by the appendages they use to pick up the food?
neelandan, Sep 09 2008

       They will happily keep insects out of your kitchen by eating them.
Voice, Sep 09 2008

       Why not just let ants do it?
zen_tom, Sep 09 2008

       if only such a thing existed [zen_tom]
jonthegeologist, Sep 09 2008

       //like terminator, only tiny//
Autonomous Night-time Technician Control Program::
Waste to be Removed: Human
ANTs Required: 10,000
Defined Boundary: Initial Room Only
Clean-up Speed: Maximum
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 10 2008


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