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Electric Scrubber

Electric screwdriver attachment for kitchen scrubbing
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When you encounter hard to remove oil stains, use this halfbaked invention. Connects to the electric screwdriver drill and allows easy replacement of scrubbing pad.

== coming up ==

kitchen sink water tank, so that you realize how much water you have been using.

pashute, Aug 07 2012

Sonic Scrubber http://www.amazon.c...rds=sonic+scrubbers
This product has been around for a while and is available in versions for the kitchen and bath and for professionally detailing your auto. Windex endorses a special Pro Detailer kit with brushes and scrubber pads that would be appropriate for scrubbing pots and pans. [jurist, Aug 07 2012]

Windex Pro Detailer Accessory Pack http://www.amazon.c...ssory/dp/B004SCO1EC
[jurist, Aug 07 2012]




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