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Richard Dawkins "Shroud" Tea Towel

For the downright cynical.
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A large white cotton tea towel, indelibly printed with a clear and distinctive likeness of Richard Dawkins in the style of the Shroud of Turin.

Intended to be carried prominently when answering the door to proselytising religious types or wavering agnostics.

Available in mulitple packs.

8th of 7, Jul 27 2010

Calculations on the backs of all sorts of things. http://www.american...7/2/1987_2_50.shtml
[mouseposture, Jul 27 2010]

Richard Dawkins http://en.wikipedia...iki/Richard_Dawkins
Wikipedia entry on him. [Cedar Park, Jul 29 2010]

Straight from the horse's er, mouth. http://www.ted.com/...litant_atheism.html
I agree entirely with his views on organized religion. Just not on God. I think he wouldn't care one whit what my opinion is so he'll probably forgive my not caring for his. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 17 2010]

The Real God http://www.venganza.org/
An Invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster in orbit between Mars and the Asteroid belt. Oh yea? Disprove it! [Wily Peyote, Aug 17 2010]

This guy gets my vote for shroud-ism. http://www.ted.com/...to_rick_warren.html
He's very...reasonable. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 20 2010]


       Is there also available a large fish costume?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 27 2010

       Yes, but that's in a different brochure.   

       We'll send it you a copy in a plain brown envelope.
8th of 7, Jul 27 2010

       I'll take the plain brown envelope costume. I could look out through the address window, and like-minded people could do ad-hoc calculations on my back.
pertinax, Jul 27 2010

       Actually, what would be really useful is if someone would bind envelope-backs into some sort of cover, as a notepad for doing those important calculations.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 27 2010

       I was thinking this morning about a small touch-screen device running a spreadsheet program, with suitably scribbly fonts, made to look as much as possible like the back of an envelope... or possibly a paper napkin. They'd probably still be too thick and rigid to work, though, even as good jokes.
pertinax, Jul 27 2010

       + is there one with a hood?
xandram, Jul 27 2010

       Why would you get wavering agnostics knocking at your door? The best thing about wavering agnostisism is its distinct lack of a functioning door-to-door proselytisation network - that is in fact, the precise reason I signed up!   

       It's those bloody atheists coming round, knocking on my door, banging on about the value of rationality and extolling me to renounce any memes based on Darwinistically perpetuated sets of heuristic strategems - and eschew any thoughts not thoroughly backed up either by rigorous logic or direct personal experience - cheeky b*stards!   

       [pertinax] love the iVelope idea - similarly extendable to iFags - where a crumpled pack of 20 cigarettes is the chosen notary medium.
zen_tom, Jul 27 2010

       //Why would you get wavering agnostics knocking at your door?//   

       Because they find your doorbell scary?
pertinax, Jul 27 2010

       That may well be the case - I have my minions adorn the battlements with the heads of previous un-solicited callers.
zen_tom, Jul 27 2010

       But wouldn't this require the Great One to be dead?   

       (Bagsy Lalla Ward)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 27 2010

       // crumpled pack of 20 cigarettes is the chosen notary medium. //   

       Beermats. Peeled beermats. And paper napkins, but beermats are essential.   

       // my minions adorn the battlements with the heads of previous un-solicited callers //   

       "That's the way to do it !
8th of 7, Jul 27 2010

       [pertinax] //people could do ad-hoc calculations on my back//
Like the wife of John C. Stevens (1749-1838), who immortalized herself with the line "Yes, Mr. Stevens, the figure of a fool." <link>
mouseposture, Jul 27 2010

       Would that be the young, dynamic Hogan's Heroes Richard Dawson or the corny, aging Family Feud Richard Dawson?
Grogster, Jul 28 2010

       Dawkins, not Dawson, [Grogster]. <link>
Cedar Park, Jul 29 2010

       pay attention young [grogster]!   

       crickey his first name is clinton.
po, Jul 29 2010

       Double Helix DNA "Shroud" Tea Towel
For the downright cyclical.
Jinbish, Jul 29 2010

       Oh, goody! I had utterly failed to see the point... (there WAS a point, right?)
Grogster, Jul 29 2010

       Yes, there is a point, but there's no God.   

       Which is the point. (Sort of).
8th of 7, Jul 29 2010

       Isn't there a risk that this idea will lead people to believe that Richard Dawkins was a real person?
pertinax, Jul 29 2010

po, Jul 30 2010

       //Yes, there is a point, but there's no God.//   

       Got yourself some proof of that there do you spanky?   

       // //iFags// You'd want to rebrand that... this side of the pond//
iPuffs ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 01 2010

       Yes, that could work.
8th of 7, Aug 01 2010

       That's what I thought.   

       I love this idea! But maybe not an image on the shroud of an agnostic/sometime deist - (depending on which lecture you're reading) - but the REAL GOD <link>
Wily Peyote, Aug 17 2010

       Oooh, nice...
8th of 7, Aug 17 2010

       It is an ear-peice and microphone I think.   


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