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Appropriate Funeral music

A going way away party with the proper soundtrack is a must
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Not that I spend a lot of time sitting around thinking about death, but it has occured to me that much of what happens after you buy the worm farm is conpletely out of your control. Let's face it, all your friends and family are coming to see you so that makes it your party. You should have a say in how the festivities go.

One thing that really makes a party swing is the right kind of music. Of course, the music should be theme appropriate. Songs like Paul Anka's 'Having my baby' just wouldn't work at a time like this (or any other time, to be frank). However, there are plenty of choice tracks that could really spice up a rather somber and, let's face it, boring funeral service. Here is a sampler:

The End - The Doors

Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks

She's Gone - Hall and Oates (gender appropriate, of course)

Knocking on Heaven's Door- The Band

Hey Saint Peter- Flash and the Pan

Spirit in the Sky-(I prefer the Doctor and the Medics version)

You could also have theme appropriate music for the cremation ceremony. Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm on Fire' jumps to mind. Perhaps a chorus of 'Disco Inferno' would work as well.

Even an interment ceremony can be subject to a good theme. Perhaps the whimsy of the Devo verson of 'Working in a Coalmine' is just what is needed for the final sendoff.

Whatever your personal theme needs are, there is most likely a good soundtrack that can be put together to take care of it.

RobGraham, Dec 22 2001

Appropriate fatal car crash music http://www.halfbake...n_20Song#1006010406
A similar notion [bristolz, Dec 22 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

google "play at my funeral" http://www.google.c...ay+at+my+funeral%22
Lynnyrd Skynyrd's Freebird
Hi De Ho
Amazing Grace in Bagpipes
The finale to The Firebird (Stravinsky)
Sex Pistols' version of "My Way"
Smells Like Teen Spirit
[jutta, Dec 23 2001]

Funeral Wishes checklist http://www.undertak...k/funeralwishes.htm
"The kind of music, hymns, psalms, songs etc. I would like include ... [be as specific as you like] played by / sung by: ....." [jutta, Dec 23 2001]


       Haha! "Working in the coalmine" for the burial. Might get some dirty looks though.
TeaTotal, Dec 22 2001

       Wow, this is one of the best ideas I've heard! Although unfotunately I wouldn't be around to see the looks on people's faces when Marylin Manson started blaring over the speakers at my funeral! (note: I do not like Maylin Manson one bit, it would just be hilarious to pick that for 'going away' music!)
NeverDie, Dec 22 2001

       I like the "Working in the Coalmine" image, too.   

       Of course, a funeral is really for the survivors, not the deceased. Even so, I wish more funerals could focus more on a celebration of the person's time on earth. One of the great joys that comes from my faith is the chance to occasionally experience a funeral as a real celebration. I don't suggest it can't happen for a non-Christian but the ones I've experienced have been celebrations *because* of the firmness of the faith of the deceased.   

       Regardless of faith issues, I've always thought Gershwin's "They Can't Take That Away from Me" would be a nice surprise at a funeral.
beauxeault, Dec 22 2001

       Baked. When my mum's uncle Reg was cremated he went into the burner with 'Ghost Riders In the Sky' playing on the PA. We were all Yippee-i-ayeing together as the curtains closed and everyone came out of the service with a smile on their face.
DrBob, Dec 22 2001

       The theme from 'Wings'?
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?
phoenix, Dec 22 2001

       A chorus from 'Star Trekkin'...'It's worse than that, he's dead, Jim...'
StarChaser, Dec 23 2001

       We all said goodbye to my father to the wrong soundtrack on a compelation tape. Everyone looked slightly confused as they played Elvis: "I Just Can’t Help Believin’", but I suppose it could have been worse.
arora, Dec 23 2001

       Is this really a new thing? Don't people pick funeral music already?
jutta, Dec 23 2001

       I can't believe nobody's suggested "Another One Bites the Dust" yet.
nick_n_uit, Dec 23 2001

       I want to go like that, bliss ; will you be my nurse?
po, Dec 23 2001

       In the uk this practice of music choosen by the deceased or the family is normal.
CasaLoco, Dec 24 2001

       I agree with [jutta], this is nothing new... Here in Holland it's very normal to tell your family (or to officially register it) what song you want to 'hear' once you're gone...
BartJan, Dec 24 2001

       modest mouse, shit luck.
hellodrome, Dec 26 2001

       For my mourners, Nilsson's "Jump into the Fire." For me, well, I think that moment of silence thing is underrrated. A friend said it well, "The best music is sung by all in attendance."
reensure, Dec 26 2001

       Id like "Im a Firestarter" by "The Prodidgy" at my cremation.....
Pretoria, Jan 10 2002

       The hands down winner will always be: Pink Floyds "LEARNING TO FLY!"
Ala, Jan 14 2002

       What no-one's thought of "Going Underground" by the Jam? Its my favourite for a burial service.
lolo, Sep 02 2002

       I have been pondering this issue for so very long, and have decided. It's The Smiths for me, in life as in death, either "Asleep" or "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out."
MistressDeath, Sep 02 2002

       Baked in New Orleans...when someone has a funeral, a parade sometimes ensues with loud, cheerful jazz music.   

       Someone correct me if i'm wrong...I just saw that on TLC or the Travel channel or something.
BinaryCookies, Sep 02 2002

       You're right, BinaryCookies. And I don't know about all y'all, but the only music I've ever heard at funerals is hymns, and the like. But as far as I know, that is carefully selected by the family, or the deceased, before the fact. But never have I heard of Rock and Roll. Would lend an air of lightheartedness.
Grabber, Sep 02 2002

       [StarChaser]... can I come to your funeral?   

       I guess I'd like something by Rammstein. The problem with having nice music at a funeral is that it may spoil the music for attendees. I can't listen to 'Daniel' by Elton John anymore because it was played at the funeral of a high school friend who died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage.   

       On a more light hearted note... one of my ex boyfriends had a wiccan mother. He asked for (and recieved) her permission to play 'ding dong the witch is dead' at her funeral.
madradish, Sep 03 2002

       How about "Dig your own hole" by the Chemical Brothers?
aphidman, Sep 03 2002

       It has to be, 'Come on baby, Light my Fire' by Jose Feliciana or 'Down, Down Deeper and Down' by Status Quo.
MickM, Nov 14 2002

       P.S. Brian Ferry, 'Smoke gets in your eyes'
MickM, Nov 14 2002

       I heard about rock being played at a biker's funeral or something like that. I like the "Spirit in the Sky" idea.
elFernando, Nov 14 2002

       "My Way" by Frank Sinatra, the only way to go
defacto, Nov 14 2002

       Kartinki s Vystavki.
bristolz, Nov 14 2002

       Funeral directors should suggest a customized CD for the person choosing their prearranged funeral plans. Maybe they could even offer a "top 10 list" to choose from. They could have the CD made and the funeral home could keep it, when the time comes...just pop the disk in and jam. Then the funeral home gives the CD to the family, and presto...memorabilia.   

       As for my song I like "Don't Fear the Reaper", though some may request "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"
drfowler, Nov 15 2002

       Josh White - He's A Dyin' Bed Maker (Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed - (1933) 1:22 of Piedmont Blues Gospel.
thumbwax, Dec 27 2002

       How about the theme from "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)"?   

       Or, for the liver failure victim in your life, "Old Red Eyes is Back" by The Beautiful South:   

       "Old Red he died / And every single landlord in the district cried / An empty bottle of whisky laying by his side"
friendlyfire, Dec 28 2002

       "IM COMING OUT so you better Get this party started" - PINK
mahatma, Apr 30 2003

       Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
nophelia, Apr 30 2003

       "Lay Me Low" by Nick Cave. "I Am The Resurrection" by the Stone Roses. "Body Of An American" by the Pogues. Actually I just want the Pogues to play at the wake, as long as they promise not to drink all the booze.
vincebowdren, May 01 2003

       "What would you like people to say at your funeral?"   

       "Look! He's moving!"
dustmonkey, May 01 2003

       I humbly suggest a) " St James Infirmary Blues" Louis Armstrong version of course(....on old vinyl.....the scratchier the better) b) damn near anything by Billie Holliday c) Long as I can see the light (Ted Hawkins version is the best- CCR will do in a pinch)
coachsmyth, May 14 2003

       In My Life by The Beatles or Fever by Peggy Lee. "What a lovely way to burn"
sufc, May 14 2003

       I always thought that it would be really cool to have a suite of nice sombre songs for my funerary arrangements - you know ! - just to ensure everybody hits exactly the right mood ! Faded Flowers by Shriekback, Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus ( A must ! ), She Sells Sanctuary by the Cult and Hammerheads ( again ) by Shriekback, Sananat by Minimal Compact for my Hebrew friends & If You Go Away as sung by Marc & The Mambas - a nice Gothic selection - don't you think ? VladTheImpaler 27/08/03
VladTheImpaler, Aug 27 2003

       Wire: Pink Flag.
Vexxy, Aug 27 2003

       ol time favourite - Always look on the bright side of life - makes me smile about death :O
wobbly, Aug 27 2003

       Addendum:- Might add Lagartija Nick ( Bauhaus ) & another absolute must is Another Day - This Mortal Coil & perhaps The Wind That Blows The Barley by Dead Can Dance. Maybe ANYTHING by Dead Can Dance, on 2nd thoughts !
VladTheImpaler, Sep 04 2003

       [dustmonkey]: damn you. I was going to say that.   

       "What's Golden," Jurassic Five. "Smooth Crimminal" for a statement about my charecter, despite the cheesiness. "Cheeseburger in Paradise"--no, wait, I don't eat burgers...   

       "My Goddess" because it's just so fuckin' good. Powerman 5000's "Free" for appropriateness.
Eugene, Sep 04 2003

       Course... Shoulda remembered " This Monkey's Gone To Heaven " - The Pixies !
VladTheImpaler, Dec 06 2003

       How about Kevin Ayers' "Song from the bottom of a well"? It includes the wonderful lines "I didn't move here, I just fell / but I'm not complaining, I don't really care / 'cos if I'm not here, then it's not there" and ends abruptly in mid-scream.
sextus, Jan 27 2004

       Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Come up and see me (make me smile)...
Taika, Jan 27 2004

       I think "Jump in the Fire" by Metallica would be an appropriate creamation dirge.
megadomeus, Feb 22 2004

       The refrain from "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da"
half, Feb 22 2004

       "At first I was afraid, I was petrified. I thought that I could never live.....I WILL SURVIVE!!!"
denathor-phyromaniac, Mar 11 2004

       If you liked them: "Stairway to Heaven"-Led Zepplin   

       If not: "Highway to Hell"-ACDC
whatastrangeperson, Aug 12 2004

       For the fatalist: "We're here for a good time," by Trooper.   

       I would say that the aforementioned song has a mood roughly equal to that of "They Can't Take That Away from Me," by Gershwin.
WordUp, Aug 13 2004


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