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I had an HBGC here, but it got deleted. Maybe I'll update it sometime...


[Oct 04 2004, last modified Mar 24 2008]
(+2) 90° TV
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) 'At the Light' Sensor Light
(+7) Auto-Whopper ®
(+4) Backlit House Numbers
(+3) Big Mute Headphones
(+7, -1) Booming Bathrooms
(+2) Colored Trashbag Ends
(+1) Cord-Friendly Doors
(+4, -2) Dead Battery Message
(+10, -2)(+10, -2) Double Motorcycle Helmet
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) Fish Tubes
(+5, -1) Flammabowl
(+1) Foot Operated Bathroom
(+4) Halfbakery: Newbie Category
(+1) Handles For All
 International Hurricane Name Registry
 Let the Bun Shine
(-1) Macho Tissues
(+6, -1) Mouse Hide-A-Key
(+2) Mouse Projector
(+2) Multi-Colored Car Fluids
(+11, -13) [Next Idea]
 Office Supplies Paper Weight Maker
 Parallel Love Story
(+5) Parent-Powered Kid Rides
 Plastic IV Stands
 Pre-Priced Gas Button
 Presshore Beach Towel
(+3, -1) Real Dollar Store
(+1) 'Round it Up' button
(+1) Swiss Army Mouse
 Traffic Light Peep Holes
(+7) Unmerry-Go-Round
(+2) Volume Boost Button
 Where are they?
(+5, -1) Yard Sale Balloons
(+1) Zpitto™ Lighter

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