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Armchair Commentary

Mute the game and stream armchair commentary from experts and idiots, nationwide!
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When I watch a sports game on TV and hear the announcers blabbing through their salaried work shift, I get distracted, annoyed, and hardly entertained by the commentary. Wouldn't it be nice to put the game on and hear the live crowd noise, play action, whistles, etc., but choose your own commentator channel?

I suppose it could work like so. Put on the game and mute the television. The TV broadcaster agrees to stream out an audio signal from the stadium/event through a web site. Said web site serves as a forum for regular sports fans who go solo on a mic to webcast their own take on the game, or groups of friends collaborate to spice up the banter. You dial in to the live game sound stream (optional), then pick an armchair commentary.

There's all kinds of hilarious people out there who would love to ham it up. Don't forget the fantasy league folks and their particular experience of a game. Geez, there might even be a creative type who comments strictly in haiku. Point is, something for everyone.

ShaneSezWhat, Jan 29 2010


       Great idea +   

       Start a live podcast and see if it catches on.   

       The problem is the braodcasting delay, and the further delay caused by the podcast.
rcarty, Jan 29 2010

       No doubt it would be a challenge to get it in synch. Maybe the game footage is streamed in HD online, and you can use a slider-bar interface to manually adjust for commentary delay.
ShaneSezWhat, Jan 29 2010

       Love the idea.   

       To be feasible the commentors (thanx MaxB) would probably want to be paid. You could have small soundbytes, 'this commentary brought to you by..' like on radio.   

       If you were watching the game online, the streaming would be simpler. You could also have side advertising / sponsorship.
Riki, Feb 01 2010

       They already have average Joe types commentating on games here in the uk. I think its called Fanzone, where two fans describe the live action on the game. Its an option you can enable or disable.
S-note, Feb 01 2010

       Oooo!! Can I get the overly biased Australian cricket commentary, even if Australia isn't playing?   

       Or it isn't even cricket?
Riki, Feb 01 2010

       I like it. And not necessarily for just hilarity. Some people might like an even more stats heavy analysis than the broadcasters provide. Some might be interested only on fashion commentary. This would allow diverse types of commentary analogous to a real time live blog.
bungston, Feb 01 2010

       Lovely! Me likes.
Pericles, Feb 04 2010


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