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Cross Country Speed Chute Endurance

"Gotta hate them damn brambles!"
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Endurance over several miles of woodland, rivers, tarmac and mountainous, cragged coastal terrain.

Displaying their bold maize and blue colours, the chutes billow out behind the mass of runners as they compete to win or even finish this race, thrashing through the dense thickets and dealing with the occasional bluster of high winds.

skinflaps, Dec 19 2005

Speed chute http://www.netballe...PowerSpeedChute.jpg
[skinflaps, Dec 19 2005]


       A good course would be one with a somewhat large-ish vertical drop towards the end of the course. Those who didn't mind their 'chute when going through the brambles would decend faster, perhaps faster than they'd like...
Navy_Guns, Dec 19 2005

       "Quit grabbing my chute!"
bungston, Dec 19 2005

       You'd have to have pretty strict rules about the chutes, or even force the racers to use ones procided by the organizing body. But that's easily done.
5th Earth, Dec 19 2005


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