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Post your question on many Q&A sites at once
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Post a question and specify its topic on AskThemAll.com and it will automatically post your question on many different Q&A sites:

Yahoo Answers, Mahalo Answers, Answers.com, AllExperts.com, etc.

AskThemAll.com will then email you a link when someone answers your question. ----------

Specify your expertise in a particular topic and AskThemAll will aggregate questions in your chosen topic for you to answer.

goodmars, Jan 17 2009


       So everytime I search for something I get a half dozen duplicate hits? No thanks.
phoenix, Jan 17 2009

       There can be only one.
Spacecoyote, Jan 17 2009

       I was speaking more of natural selection.
Spacecoyote, Jan 17 2009

       welcome [good]
po, Jan 17 2009

       So how many IP laws does this idea break?
goodmars, Jan 18 2009

       None, AFAICT. Indexing free (as in beer) content is legal, or else search engines wouldn't be in business. Posting the same stuff to multiple sites (as longs as it isn't spam) is legal, this just does the footwork for you.
Spacecoyote, Jan 18 2009

       Or, you could ask me. I know everything.
superjohn, Jan 18 2009

       Yes, I'm actually curious
goodmars, Jan 18 2009

       42 ;-)
superjohn, Jan 18 2009

       [boysparks], after running through a lot of these q &a sites, it seems none of them do a captcha type system even during registration. So, in theory one could register with many q&a sites at once through askthemall.com
goodmars, Jan 19 2009

       would you guys ever use something like this?
goodmars, Jan 19 2009

       I think you'll find that the Q&A sites make money from delivering advertising as people read the answers. So it might be politic to require people to visit the individual sites to get their replies.
Aristotle, Jan 20 2009

       How would you collate or aggregate the answers? RSS feeds?
Jinbish, Jan 20 2009

       "Intelligent" page scraping like search engines do.
Spacecoyote, Jan 20 2009

       //So everytime I search for something I get a half dozen duplicate hits? No thanks.// Ditto. Plus it would flood all of those sites with lazy questions like, "What color should I wear today?" and then they don't even bother to come back to see the answers. By manually logging into each site, a lazy question asker will become bored or distracted before they could get on the third site.
Jscotty, Jan 20 2009

goodmars, Jan 21 2009

       ///42 ;-)//   

       What was the question? /   

       Yes it was.
bungston, Jan 21 2009


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