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Big Mother Website

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A website to post pictures you take of teenagers being annoying in public. Each listed with date, time, location and short description of the offence (e.g. "group of 5 walking obliviously down middle of street"). Parents will be able to search the database for locations and dates when they know their child was out. This will work better if there is a separate database for each community. The idea here is to try and let parents know when their kid is doing something that they would not approve of....generally stupidity type of things rather than real crime. In my vision this would eventually lead to better behaved teens and a happier world over all -or- would be the next step to our Orwellian demise...either way at least I am part of something.
blahginger, Jan 17 2004

Neighbor-From-Hell websites. http://www.richardsfault.com
A cluttered page, but it has links to sites similar to this idea. [Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]

Tardsite http://www.tardsite.com/
Similar site, but for bad drivers in the Atlanta area. [krelnik, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       that's one way to get some demographic data on this site :)
theircompetitor, Jan 17 2004

       That would not have ruined MY teenage years, because then I was a nerd who never caused any trouble. It was when I hit about 19-20 and had moved out that I started causing a lot of trouble to make up for lost time. ;)   

       But on the point of view of a new parent, I don't like it. Granted it would be fun to go and look to see what my kid has been doing, it would not really have any real credit. There will always be someone that will get annoyed at you for something stupid. (I have old ladies get completely pissed at me just for having a mohawk.) And those "way-too-up-tight" parents that would have a cow if their kid was doing anything out of line at all should not have more things to complain about. If they break the law, then you will already know, because you will get a phone call. But other than that they need to have their freedom to be crazy and just be kids. ;)
babyhawk, Jan 17 2004

       bad idea. i needed to get the 'stupids' out of my system
buddymatt, Jan 17 2004

       Excellent Idea! Kids are totally out of wack these days. Problem is...you have to have parents who care enough to look.
Seventhsky, Jan 17 2004

       Yeah!, [Humanbean], like it is the Goths who are the problem!.
gnomethang, Jan 17 2004

       + Can you imagine the amount of blackmail material? "This was your President at age 15..."
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2004

       I am the operator of the so-called cluttered page. I want to go on record as saying some grownups on my street are the jerks, not the teenagers.
richardsfault, Jan 18 2004

       I thought the Goths fought the Vandals and their evil lifestyle, known as Vandalism. Where's a Hun when you need one?
rogerdna, Jan 18 2004

       Speaking from the standpoint of a 15-year-old, fisbone. :)
Face, Jan 18 2004


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