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Ass-slapping booth

Better than a kissing booth
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so... there's the typical kissing booth at fairs/festivals to raise money. You pay and you get to kiss a pretty girl/handsome guy. Instead, how about you pay, and you get to give a nice, appreciative ass-slap. I think guys would prefer that more. May have to rotate hot girl volunteers more often so no girl's ass gets too overworked/raw.

Might work in more adult contexts, like a fundraiser/fair held by a frat or something

EdwinBakery, Mar 16 2011

Folsom Street Fair http://www.folsomstreetfair.com/
You definitely will find one of those here. Although it may not be what you meant. [ping, Mar 17 2011]

(??) The Ball State Ass Slapper controversy http://scienceblogs...ect_a_place_cal.php
"Thomas Bible of Nashville, a douchey-looking fucker and fan of "Women bringing you sandwiches", suggests "how bout at your little charity event instead of a kissing booth you have an ass slapping booth? $1 a slap. have a buncha girls with nice tight booties who can take a joke rotate in and out."" [jutta, Mar 17 2011]

The Robospanker http://www.thespank...anking_pictures.JPG
[ldischler, Mar 18 2011]


       I have seen that video somewhere - I think it was at encyclopedia dramatica > tjc - look under "archives".
neelandan, Mar 16 2011

       //computer: [general]//?
Germanicus, Mar 16 2011

       A better approach would be to have two booths with the entrances at 180 degrees. Like minded people would meet up within the booths for slapping and whatever else.
bungston, Mar 16 2011

       It could be like catch a mole where asses appear in holes at random. The gorgeous ass you want to slap appears only intermittently, but much more frequent are the plumber's butts of some of the carnies that work at the fair.   

       You've got one swing, and your arm has to keep moving while you wait.
rcarty, Mar 16 2011

       Kind of like "Whack-A-Mole?"   

       [+] [ ] [+] [-] Except   

       [-] [+] [ ] [+] More   

       [ ] [-] [+] [ ] Like   

       [+] [ ] [-] [+] Whack-A-Bun?   

       By the way, [EdB], (unless it is proven to be previously baked) that was a net positive on the buns; so, bun. [+]
Grogster, Mar 16 2011

       I assume this in the computer section because it might appeal mostly to those who are not in a relationship with another human?
Twizz, Mar 17 2011

       I have never understood why people like ass-slapping, but some kinky person would give a bun for this...uh not me. [ ]
But it's not a bad idea for those people!
xandram, Mar 17 2011

       I'd prefer a face punching booth myself. But it's all in good fun, eh!
DrBob, Mar 18 2011

       You approach the face punching booth where a man who looks like he can take a punch sits waiting. You hand him your ticket, and before you finish spitting in your hands you find yourself lying on your back in the midway dirt.
rcarty, Mar 18 2011

       why do people like ass-slapping? I dunno. It's sort of an expression of pride in the physical fitness of the thing - people do the same with dogs and horses and other animals. People clop their dog or loudly pat the horse a couple of times while praising him showing him off. It's like saying "now this is a youthful, strong, virile creature!" with pride. So, it's sort of the same sort of thing, but applied to a nice ass. But less of a personal pride thing and more of an exaltation/compliment.   

       Hard to explain, but there it is. It apperas to be instinctive, both for asses and animals. I guess it's just a human instinct related to patting someone on the shoulder, which is probably a very old deeply ingrained human gesture.
EdwinBakery, Mar 21 2011

       leave it to me to wax philosophic on ass-slapping...
EdwinBakery, Mar 21 2011

       For the idea mentioned, I'm pretty sure sexual gratification weighs in a little more than pure aesthetic appreciation. Though, nobody wants to slap a gross ass.
daseva, Mar 21 2011

       well.. maybe your idea of gross I still like.   

       I do like women thick and curvy.
EdwinBakery, Mar 21 2011

       I don't think I understand the ass slapping impulse. I've never had the impulse to slap a woman's ass specifically. My best Freudian-esque analysis would be that the desire is to fondle the object with the palm, but then necessarily having to repress that desire, then communicating the angst of repressed desire as a painful slap directed at the object. Some sensation is also experienced by the hand. Pinching fits into that same explanation. I'd expect there arn't many occurances of women being kicked in the ass.
rcarty, Mar 22 2011


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