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Cyberwhorehouses / Live porn channel

Dial a freak
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So you're online searching for the best porn that gives you the most bang for your buck (pardon the pun). Then you come across a porn-site that has different live video feeds from places all around the world so you click on the one that's in your town. As you partake in this eye buffet, you notice one particular girl in there that you would love to spend some time with. Then you notice that there's an address and phone number at the bottom. You call the number and a pimp (it would probably be me) answers the phone and tells you the price for pleasure. You hit the roof at how cheap it is to spend time with this woman, but then he informs you that you'll be captured on the live feed, and if you want privacy it'll cost a bit more. You're not too shy, so you call all your buddies and let them know the time and URL you'll be on getting down with this woman you'd been ogling!!! These beautiful women that you once thought were unattainable are now in your hood! You could be put into scenes and everything! Porn would no longer be a spectator sport. LEGALIZE IT!!!!
soulaar, Aug 14 2001

Pistachio Shell Construction http://www.halfbake...hell_20Construction
...besides having large sideburns and a predilection for Scots accents... [-alx, Aug 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Ambrose Everett Burnside http://mindesign.ne...anders/Burnside.htm
The man after whom sideburns are named, a reluctant and very unfortunate US army commander. [jutta, Aug 14 2001]

Major General Joseph Hooker http://www.civilwarhome.com/hookbio.htm
The man who gave his name to the world's oldest profession. [DrBob, Aug 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Much as I was expecting to hate this idea from the title, I just couldn't help hating it.
-alx, Aug 14 2001

       I would probably hate it less if it weren't written in second person drooling male heterosexual singular.
jutta, Aug 14 2001


       I'm sure there's a potential vote winning idea in the form of 'second person drooling male heterosexual singular song lyrics'.
-alx, Aug 14 2001

       Alx, if you're a man you need to grow a pair...
soulaar, Aug 14 2001

       Actually, if you'd looked at my entry for 'Pistachio Shell Construction', you'd already know that I have sideburns.   

       I assume that's what you're referring to.
-alx, Aug 14 2001

       Interesting that soulaar wants to have his friends watch him do this. So the "second person drooling male singular song lyrics" might not be so heterosexual after all.
quarterbaker, Aug 15 2001

       They might not be quite so singular or second-person either.
angel, Aug 15 2001

       Heh, can't say my sideies are anywhere near as impressive as old Everett's there, Jutta.
-alx, Aug 15 2001

       hearing ideas like this i sometimes i wish i had never grown a pair.
benfrost, Aug 15 2001

       The worrying point is this idea would certainly be very sucessfull if tried, and I only see it as a matter of time before it comes to be.   

       From the point of view of the service provider, it would save them money on "actors". They could probably get away with charging MORE as exhibitionist customers would like it.   

       Viewing could probably be free, as the fees paid by the participants would cover all the costs.   

       I am not a drooling pervert or anything like that.... I just think in Business terms this wouold be very viable and profitable, but would have to be run in a country where prostitution was legal.
CasaLoco, Aug 15 2001

       Alx, just because I told YOU to grow a pair does not mean that I actually have a pair. The one's that knock this idea are usually the hypocrates that make these sort of ideas work. All I can say for these self-righteous idiots is that they need to get real. The minute that we can all realize the fact that there are people out there with pulses that have fantasies that they would like to see come true, and that these people are totally normal human beings, is the moment we can start dealing with issues that really matter. Like Alx and his "Golden Shower Caps". Imagination is a wonderful thing isn't it Alx?
soulaar, Aug 15 2001

       Safe controlled environment. Prepaid before you get to the house (no cash exchanges). So it keeps the pornstar/prostitutes, and pornstar/johns safe and honest. Can be done globally. Very profitable, and not as half-baked as it sounds. Thanks Casa Loco.
soulaar, Aug 15 2001

       Actually I have no objection to the concept of pornography or prostitution; if people want to get off on that rather than go outdoors and get to know a flesh-and-blood woman who doesn't charge, it's their decision. The main reasons I didn't like the idea were:   

       1) The imbecilic tone of the piece
2) The exploitative nature of the site (e.g. the use of a pimp, which is totally unnecessary)
3) The fact that I have no interest whatsoever in ever using such a service
4) The use of multiple exclamation marks

       As to realising fantasies and being normal, I couldn't agree with you more. But who's exploited by a Golden Shower Cap?
-alx, Aug 15 2001

       Alx, are you an english major? I've never seen someone write so eloquently about pimps, whores, and golden shower caps. I must admit that you've made quite an impression on me and others on this site. Very impressive!!!
soulaar, Aug 15 2001

       Not enough of an impression, sadly, to have eliminated your usage of the exclamation ellipsis. Still, I can but try.
-alx, Aug 15 2001

       Exclamation ellipsis? I don't know what that is, but it sounds very painful. Ouch!
soulaar, Aug 15 2001

-alx, Aug 15 2001

       I guess it didn't hurt much. Thanks!
soulaar, Aug 16 2001

       Hey, how about a site where you can go and your *mind* gets stimulated in a give-and-take dialogue with intelligent people...and these conversations are read by an audience of [insert user count, hopefully a long int]? Yowza! Now that's a sizzling concept.   

       -alx, thanks for filling in for El Pedanto...maybe nobody triggered the Pedantopager for this screed.
Dog Ed, Aug 16 2001

       Why is everybody so down on this guy and his idea? Ok, so it's a bit tacky, but this is half-bakery, not ingoodtaste.com. I think it sounds ok, if people want to get off with hookers and have the world watch them, more power to them I say. As maddona put it "poor is the man who's pleasures depend on the permission of another" (sorry, can't remember who she ripped that off in the first place). And another thing, what's wrong with being hetrosexual? I'm straight and I'm proud!
BertieWooster, Aug 16 2001

       For me, and for at least a few of the other annotators, it's the presentation of the idea that makes it unappealing. The basic idea --- to use online porn sites as advertising for meatspace brothels --- doesn't seem that bad to me (no worse than the porn sites and brothels independently, which is a different debate). I admit I don't get the appeal of having your friends watch you have sex with the prostitute, but hey, whatever floats your boat (for a small extra fee of course).   

       Tangentially: // porn would no longer be a spectator sport // I wonder if this would change the cultural perception (and effects) of porn & prostitution for the better or the worse?
wiml, Aug 16 2001

       Van Nuys, CA
thumbwax, Aug 16 2001

       What is this 'pair' that "soulaar" suggests "-alx" should grow?
Viennoise, Aug 16 2001

       Interesting link jutta, especially as Abe Lincoln's other favourite General was good old Joe Hooker, also not famous for being a soldier. I trump your link and raise you!
DrBob, Aug 16 2001

       You essentially do pay for it. If there was a free brothel in your neighborhood, there would be whordes of men that would be willing to sacrifice a bit of their privacy to have a little fun. And probably even more that would be a little curious as to who's actually going in there. The one's watching would pay for the service, and the one's going would have to be members of the site, and that would cost as well. If you wanted complete privacy there would be a premium. This could also be a way for women that are looking to get into the porn industry to display their talents (men as well).
soulaar, Aug 16 2001

       Viennoise, I've been wondering that, too. So many things come in pairs.
wiml, Aug 16 2001

       //The one's that knock this idea are usually the hypocrates that make these sort of ideas work.//   

       Hypocrates... wasn't he Socrates brother?
PotatoStew, Aug 17 2001

       Well, soulaar, it's obvious you aren't here to win friends. For that, I commend you. I also think the idea isn't all that bad, but I gotta ask, why'd you copy + paste it into your profile?
AfroAssault, Aug 17 2001

       Now, PS, don't be so hypercritical.   

       Speaking of PS, has anyone seen PeterSealy recently?
beauxeault, Aug 17 2001

       He's in the South of France apparently.
lewisgirl, Aug 17 2001

       Profile? I was trying to figure out what that page was for. I'm new to this
soulaar, Aug 17 2001

       You stick in anything you want to say about yourself for people to read when they click on your name.
-alx, Aug 17 2001

       or your fantasy woman can beat you off via email
thumbwax, Aug 17 2001

       y'all, this is a fucking fantastic idea! as long as there are regulations in place to make sure the crabbies and other nasties don't get out
celizafinn, Aug 18 2001

       It bothers me that there has been some talk of using women in other countries (possibly poor ones, where more people are willing to fuck for a buck since they don't have any money) for this. Amsterdam prostitution w/ lots of rules = good idea   

       prostitute sweat shop = *shudder*   

       Also, I don't see how this idea is half baked. You just need enough money.
futurebird, Aug 18 2001

       "second person drooling male heterosexual " would be a great name for a rock band.
dandr, Mar 31 2002


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