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Brothspice or Brothpital

lift some spirits
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hospice / brothel : hospital / brothel

service for people with unfinished business.

an alternative to last rites

a unique assisted suicide service

insurance should cover this form of treatment

vfrackis, Apr 22 2010

Something like this opening scene? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kill_bill
Never saw it, never want to. [RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2010]


       WHERE'S BILL!?!!!
RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2010

       Broth? Spice? Sounds like a delicious bisque.
DrWorm, Apr 23 2010

       Baked. 1 Kings 1:1-4.
lurch, Apr 23 2010

       [RS] I think the author of the idea intends the treatment to be enjoyable. I quite enjoyed the first few episodes of Kill Bill but it got a little tedious and I've yet to see part 2.
po, Apr 23 2010

       [lurch] " but the king knew her not"
coprocephalous, Apr 23 2010

       I think someone already did.
coprocephalous, Apr 23 2010

       I know where somebody is throwing their brothday party.
swimswim, Apr 23 2010

xandram, Apr 23 2010

       Nice one xan, I was wondering what the cost of prosti-tuition would be for med school?   

       Yes, but what is the nurstitute to patient ratio?
MikeD, Apr 24 2010

       The hospice version of this was done in the novel Fanny Hill, I think.
pertinax, Apr 24 2010


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