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Custom Pornography

Prostitution = illegal, Pornography = legal, Mix well. Serve warm.
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The facts: Prostitution (the worl's oldest profession) is generally considered illegal (except in Nevada and Amsterdam). Pornography is generally considered legal. My plan is to blur the two.

The plan: I would like to rent a cheap warehouse. Purchase some digital video cameras. Make some costumes. Write some stock porno scripts.

A prospective customer comes to my shop wanting to make his own porno flick. He (or she) picks a script (or brings in their own), picks a set, picks costumes, and then picks an "actress" (or "actor") to play a "supporting" role.

The customer leaves with a smile and 2 copies of their very own porno which they can duplicate and sell.

Customer pays me for set rental and photographic services. Customer pays "supporting" actor for acting services.

Pros: Eternal demand. eternal supply. employs a Loophole. Cash business can be underreported on taxes.

Cons: Would need to hire a good lawyer to fend off legal attacks.

sed, Apr 05 2004

(??) Who is involved? http://www.law.com/...e&cid=1125318960389
[Shz, Oct 02 2006]


       There's got to be an available w(ho)(a)rehouse in Van Nuys, CA.
thumbwax, Apr 05 2004

       Same as 'Prostitution Business' above.
swamilad, Apr 05 2004

       Being from Van Nuys, CA, I think this idea is BRILLIANT!!!!
phoenix706, Apr 05 2004

       This is baked in hawaii. There was this "porn shop" next to a tattoo parlor I used to go to, and one time my buddy decided to check the porn shop out. All their videos cost about $300, so he was griping to the tattoo artist, and wondering how the place stayed open. The tattoo artist says they do exactly this... well... maybe not exactly, since most of the customers are not likely to re-sell the film, but still...
ye_river_xiv, Sep 30 2006

       When I saw the title I thought that it was really about custom porn. For example, you send a script to a studio, and they act it out for you. For a certain fee, of course. People pay for, well, pay-per-view, why not add some interactivity. But I never thought about _this_ level of interactivity.
Veho, Oct 02 2006

       so let me see...it is illegal to pay someone to have sex with you...but it is quite ok to pay two people to have sex while you film it....
senatorjam, Oct 02 2006

       Well, there's the whole "War on Pornography" thing. This is lumped in with child pornography and has a $15.4M budget for 2007. They just file illegal obscenity charges against distributors, though. The film makers and participants are not targeted... yet.
Shz, Oct 02 2006

       I see 15.4M for "local Internet Crime Against Children investigative task forces" - but I don't think that's the porn squad that's been bothering the regular (paper/video) distributors at Gonzales' behest, the eight agents the Wall Street Journal wrote about in the top google hit for "War on Pornography".
jutta, Oct 02 2006

       Initiative budgeting is a funny thing, as I'm sure you know, it crosses organizational lines. It would be interesting to see how all involved bill their time. I assume that when those people work on this initiative or task force, they bill this budget, as is done elsewhere in government, but that is an assumption on my part. The link describes how some of these task force / groups work together on this. They pull resources as needed.
Shz, Oct 02 2006

       This is already baked. If you have ever seen any of these 20 second porn clips on the net, there is always some schmuck with a video camera who apparently pays some woman to be in his movie. And then he offers her money to get undressed and eventually he offers her more money to go all the way with him. After he does the deed, she gets out of the car and he drives off as she yells, "COME BACK YOU BASTARD! I WANT MY MONEY!" Well.. this isnt exactly the same scenario but in many porn movies, the promoter is the one who is screwing all of the women. Take for instance... Ron Jeremy- He pays these ditzy women to be in the movie and then he plugs 'em a few good times. That in and of itself is probably worth it to him. But now, he gets a return on his investment when schmucks like you and I buy the video.
Jscotty, Oct 03 2006


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