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Cash for Dads, Cash for Moms, Cash for Teachers

Pay Entire Cost To Raise Kids Up-Front
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It's a tragedy that rich people spend money on silly luxuries like yachts and airplanes when there are kids in need all over the world.

Specifically, kids in need of being created and raised to adulthood.

For a modest fee of $30,000 to $1.5 million+, (depending on the desired citizenship, socioeconomic status at adulthood, genetics, etc. for the child,) this company will help out a rich person by collecting a genetic payload from the rich person, hiring an egg or sperm donor and surrogate mother to birth the child, and running an education infrastructure to raise this child to adulthood. The rich person just needs to provide a sample and pay the bill up-front, and the rest of the progeny-creation process is taken care of.

I envision an Uber-like app that vets and matches rich people, donors/surrogates, and nannies/teachers, and collects a small finder's fee.

This service helps everyone by utilizing un-used capacity (financial, genetic, biological, and parenting capacity) to create additional children for the mutual enjoyment and benefit of everyone involved, and also allows everyone to focus on the part of the child-creation and -rearing process that best fits their interests and abilities.

This business would also help fix the serious issue of falling birth-rates in rich countries.

sninctown, Sep 02 2015

Consequences of Supply/Demand https://vernonnemit...1/19/economics-102/
As mentioned in an annotation. [Vernon, Sep 03 2015]

Parkinson's Law https://en.wikipedi...i/Parkinson%27s_law
As mentioned in an annotation. [Vernon, Sep 03 2015]


       The Idea contains several bad assumptions, such as the notion that falling birth-rates are a "problem". But let's start from the top.   

       Paying the money up-front need not be as large as the amounts indicated, because it won't all be spent at once; the Idea specifically states it is to be spent long- term. That means the portion not immediately spent could be invested (which is what most rich folks do with their money), and the returns on the investment could pay for some of the expenses. The total amount of investment-return could therefore reduce the up-front cost.   

       Next, many rich folks are not interested in having lots of children, simply because that is a sure way to shrink their fortunes --and such shrinkage is the last thing they want!   

       Next, consider the Law of Supply and Demand -- actually, I've already done that elsewhere (see link), so I need not repeat it here. Basically, the rich want OTHER people, no matter how poor, to have lots of children, and they want those other people also to pay for what they-the-rich want.   

       Next, the "rich nations" have lifestyles such that if the whole world was equal to them, we would need at least 2 more whole Planet Earths for physical resources (copper, oil, etc.) to support those lifestyles. This is evidence that the world is actually overpopulated, and fewer people are needed, not more.   

       Finally, the "problem" of low birth rate exists partly because old folks often need help from young folks, and as the old/young ratio increases with fewer births, many older folks will be lacking necessary help. But Japan is working to solve the problem with robots. We should expect that task to be successful in the long run.   

       Another part of the "problem" is fewer taxes --one reason the Soviet Union went bankrupt was because its taxpayer base wasn't large enough to support its expenditures. DUH! Obviously the fix is fewer expenditures! See "Parkinson's Law" for one aspect of the root of a rather generic government-expenditure problem.
Vernon, Sep 03 2015

       //This business would also help fix the serious issue of falling birth-rates in rich countries.//   

       Uh, just no. In case you hadn't noticed, there are about seven billion humans alive at present. Falling birth rates is just about the only glimmer of hope for the future.   

       If you want to do something worthwhile, distribute the money to provide adequate contraception and education in the developing world. And improve healthcare and social support so that people don't have to produce six kids in order to ensure that three are alive to take care of them in their old age.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2015

       // to provide adequate contraception and education in the developing world //   

       Wouldn't it be better just to supply more guns and ammunition ?
8th of 7, Sep 03 2015

       Educate women. Look it up. That's the proven way to decrease population growth in all cultures. A woman who's educated delays birthing, because it takes time to get educated, and they take more years to work professionally to get the return on the education.   

       As for this idea, I mean we already have free sperm banks. Why would a rich person choose to have his seed spread with no involvement PLUS a big payment?
sophocles, Sep 04 2015

       Naw, the problem is everybody else having kids. Mine are little angels, and I want my progeny to wipe out the rest and then have biblical epics written by them about me as the father of a nation...
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2015


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