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Assault Towel

For when you get caught with your pants down.
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This is a set of towels with stainless steel, brass, or titanium tips securely stitched onto the corners, looking somewhat like a steel tipped cowboy boot. If shit hits the fan and the only thing you have time to grab is your towel, you'll be ready! Vogons beware!
21 Quest, Aug 06 2023

steel tipped cowboy boot https://www.shoesma...boots-metal-tip.jpg
[Voice, Aug 06 2023]

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       Er, to roll up like a rat tail and whip at enemies?
whatrock, Aug 06 2023

21 Quest, Aug 06 2023

       Well, whip it good.
whatrock, Aug 07 2023

       Send to Musk and Zuckerberg to use in their forthcoming mad cage fight.
xenzag, Aug 07 2023

       Both of them making their next public appearances wearing an eye patch. I love it.
21 Quest, Aug 07 2023


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