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Blumpkin Blanket

Like a snuggie for your crotch
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A blanket with a hole in it to be used as an odor barrier for the adventurous couple.

Available in floral patterns or mushroom patch prints.

MikeD, May 30 2010


       This really takes the excitement out of the blumpkin. Also, [marked-for-deletion], gross-out humor. You could have spun this around a simple peeing snuggie and made the blumpkin application secondary.
daseva, May 30 2010

       What? What the what? There seems to be an entire patois of which I was hitherto unignorantless.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2010

       I am a little disturbed at having become deunignorantlessed.
swimswim, May 30 2010

       I still don't understand this.   

       If you have blanket with a hole in it, why do you need another person?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2010

       I'm dumb.
blissmiss, May 30 2010

       fragrance is your friend.
po, May 30 2010

       Hutterites, Jews and Quakers have all been supposed (ostensibly falsely) to have sex through a blanket. I don't see anything new here.
phoenix, May 31 2010

       There's probably a studded leather version of this, but I'm afraid to look.
DrWorm, May 31 2010

       Just don't name your pets or children 'Blumpkin', and everything will be fine.
daseva, May 31 2010

       //If you have blanket with a hole in it, why do you need another person?//   

       Menage troi?
MikeD, May 31 2010

       These days I'm happy if I can menage one.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2010

       A brain barrier.
calum, Nov 11 2019


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