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rubber towel rack

towel rack with 3/8" round rubber stretched across two supports
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Everyone, especially kids, will stuff their towel into the towel rack, and after a while it breaks your towel rack. so why not make a towel rack that stretches. Like two ceramic, or wooden supports with 3/8" round rubber in between. then you just stuff your towel in, with no prob. Of course, then your kids would play with it, by pulling on it really far, and letting go. adding another household rule, "don't play with the towel rack, dam it!"
cornpad, Aug 07 2004


       Metal towel racks don't break, do they?
tchaikovsky, Aug 07 2004

       My mum's metal towelrack won't even support towels :-(
wagster, Aug 07 2004

       I've tried rubber towels, I found them unimpressive.
normzone, Aug 07 2004

       Well, I can't say anything about your idea for rubber to be used for support, but having rubber on the towel rack is a good idea. The towel would grip the rubber and not slide off like conventional polished metal racks allow.
destructionism, Aug 07 2004

       if the towels are, say, polyester, then you'd get the fun of building a quick static charge by rubbing the rubber bar... That'll get their attention.
DadManWalking, Aug 08 2004

       It's true,metal towel racks don't break. I should have said "the screws pull out of the wall". Where I come from most walls are made of sheet rock. Also, attn: normzone. Have you ever tried metal towels? Rubber towels are much better.
cornpad, Aug 08 2004

       As an added bonus, the extra firction would keep an unbalanced towel from slipping onto the floor.
5th Earth, Aug 08 2004

       [DadManWalking] Just when you thought locker room towel torture couldn't get any worse...<shudder> I could've done without the junior high school flashback.   

       Cornpad, you have just suggested mounting an oversized slingshot in the bathroom as a method to keep the kids from breaking stuff. I suppose it would depend on the kids, but I am skeptical. I am envisioning kids shooting eachother through the ceiling from the towel rack. You get my croissant.
footzilla, Jun 12 2005


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