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stretch clean towel

Fast self cleaning towel
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A machine pulls this special towel which when pulled tight releases all the grease and filth to the surface. The dirt is then easily and automatically scraped off inside the machine, creating a new clean towel ready to be used again.
pashute, Nov 10 2021

use your idea in a hand dryer dispenser like the 1950’s https://www.worthpo...nd-towel-1829764778
[xandram, Nov 10 2021]

Stretch n Dust Cloths https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTQR9AO
made of a nonwoven polyester/rayon blend that is stretchable to increase dust retention area. [a1, Nov 10 2021]


       I don't know if this would work as described (releasing dirt when stretched), but the reverse is already in use. Hewlett Packard (and perhaps other printer vendors) include a special cleaning cloth in maintenance kits. When you stretch it out, it stretches the fibers and exposes extra surface area and pores in the cloth. Makes it much more effective at PICKING UP toner particles, paper dust, and other crud. i Edit: See link for "Stretch N Dust" cloths, similar to what i was talking about.
a1, Nov 10 2021


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