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Washcloth Bar

No more drips
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The washcloth bar looks much like a towel bar with a couple of notable differences, first is is washcloth sized(about 6 or 8 inches wide) and second it has an integrated drip/drain pan built into it so that when you hang up your washcloth it can drip dry and the water will fall in the pan and drain away rather than pool on the counter or the floor. For a family bath a wider rack/tray can accommodate multiple cloths at the same time. The will greatly reduce the growth of mildew in the damp cloths.
jhomrighaus, Jul 02 2007


       "Evening, Norm - The usual?"   

       "No, tonight I feel like trying something different."
normzone, Jul 02 2007

       you'd think that a man could wring out a washcloth (flannel) tight enough that it doesn't drip.
po, Jul 02 2007

       "Something flannel, with a hint of glycerin lemon."
normzone, Jul 02 2007

       It should also incorporate a roller to wring most of the water out and speed drying. Also, if the drip tray is connected to an electrical supply it can be made into a heater and speed drying as well.
Harry Mudd, Jul 02 2007

       //you'd think that a man could wring out a washcloth//   

       Real men don't use washcloths. [-]
nuclear hobo, Jul 02 2007

       Just where does the water *drain away* to?
xandram, Jul 02 2007

       what do they use, nh?
po, Jul 02 2007

       A hammer and chisel.
wagster, Jul 02 2007

       Steel wool.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 02 2007

       //Just where does the water *drain away* to?//   

       There would be a flexible tube that could be routed to any nearby drain such as the sink, tub or toilet.
jhomrighaus, Jul 02 2007

       "Sorry, I'm all out of the glycerine lemon, would you care to try the Dr. Bronners?"   

       "No, not for me. What are those two asian girls at the bar having?"   

       "Sushi style, hot, rolled tight."   

       "Oh, that sounds good, I'll have one of those."
normzone, Jul 02 2007

       Gee Wiz, I knew it wasn't the best idea ever but I'm surprised by the bones.
jhomrighaus, Jul 02 2007

       Don't feel bad - each bone is actually worth 2.56 buns.
nuclear hobo, Jul 02 2007

       Where might I find the exchange desk to deposit my bones?
jhomrighaus, Jul 03 2007

       You may deposit your bones in business:funeral.
wagster, Jul 03 2007

       I like this idea, mostly because of the drip/drain feature. When I use a washcloth at the sink for my face I'm left with something dripping all over the place. Yes, I'm man enough to wring it out but still. So, I'll take one. I'll take two, an extra in the kitchen.
Noexit, Jul 03 2007


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