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Astronaut Diaper Scalping Service For The Alternative Gendered

When You Gotta Go (to the Ladies Room), You Gotta Go
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There is an increasing effort to identify various and sundry genders (DOZENS, so far: <link below>), and all of them seem to have one overriding objective: To get the people employing and declaring them into the Ladies Room.

Sadly, as Federal, State, and Local governments force Ladies Rooms to accept any and everybody who declares the need, rediculously long lines will form and wait times will reach critical mass!!

Dedicated line waiters need not fear bursting bladders any longer! For a considerable fee, those waiting in line can purchase GROGco Astronaut Diapers, guaranteed to last the days it will take to finally make it into the Ladies Room!

You're Welcome, World. Take a Load Off.

GROGco gratefully acknowledges Brother Bob and Lisa Nowak in this Half Baked idea.

Grogster, Mar 12 2016

Alternative Gender Short List? http://www.strident...create-new-genders/
[Grogster, Mar 12 2016]

Ain't Love Grand? Astronaut Diapers Were Employed HERE: https://en.m.wikipe...org/wiki/Lisa_Nowak
[Grogster, Mar 12 2016]


       Congratulations on sinking to a lower level of discourse than 4chan.org (NSFW)
sninctown, Mar 12 2016

       You overlook the consideration of the transgender community,which keeps this down to a tolerable level by the "41 percent of trans people who attempt suicide" succeeding in their endeavour. See how kind we are.   

       Surely a more logical solution would be to have one all- cubicles(with good privacy) toilet for everyone? Or is that too logical?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 12 2016

       Get out more. Meet more people of different backgrounds.
the porpoise, Mar 12 2016

       Hmmm maybe I should offer quantity discounts for those at the end of the line...
Grogster, Mar 12 2016


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