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Audio Breast Room

Replace egg cartons with boobs.
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This is a unique design on a sound proof room, only instead of lining the room with egg cartons for sound proofing and better aucoustics you line it with an array of great looking silicon breasts, starting with small ones at the top, and working your way down to the big triple D's at the bottom..

Each nipple also is wired through to the central control board for infinite adjustment to each frequency, theoretically it may sound like crap, but it would look awesome...

Supercruiser, Nov 25 2002

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       Are you talking about anechoic foam?   

       "It would awesome"?
bristolz, Nov 25 2002

       You could use them as a pillow when you got tired!
Bingowings, Nov 25 2002

       That's alternately tacky or disgusting. Bingowings' suggestion seems to be the best, assuming you replaced them with pillows proper.   

       And do you realize how MANY that would be? I think breasts are meant to come in pairs of 34Bs, not two thousand 54 DDDs (blech)
Macwarrior, Feb 10 2003

       troll alert - take care Mac that you don't get thrown out with the bath water.
po, Feb 10 2003

       Give this guy a break.........I'm all for it. Breast man here. Believe it or not.......back in the late 1970's some company was selling a whole panel of rubber moulded boobs. I thought it was supposed to be a bathroom floor mat or something. Later I saw a similar version being produced by an Akron, Ohio company. Akron is the Rubber City! I saw one back in the 80's. It was about 4 ft. wide and and 6 ft. long. It had rows of different sized boobies. It was an industrial white color. This was a product of the "False-ies" era, the first generation of artificial breasts.
Cosmo, Aug 27 2003

       I know a boob-obsessed guy (or is that just all guys?) who cut out thousands of breasts from magazines and papers to make a "wall of breasts". It looked extremely odd but not that attractive: think mushroom plantation.
wagster, Jun 05 2004


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