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[Nov 19 2002, last modified Jul 17 2007]
(+5, -1) Adjustable Penis Nozzle
 Air Bean Bag
(-1) Alphabet Restaurant
 ATM Theme
 Audio Breast Room
 Bike Packers
(+2) Bong Cleaning Distiller
(+2) Dewey Decimal Carpet
 Disco Paving
(+1) Food Chords
 French fried seagull
 In the Game
 Individual Coffee Bean Espresso
(+2, -11)(+2, -11) Jacobs Lobster Ladder
(+1, -2) Lemming Teabag
 Magnetic Leaf Sweeper
(+9)(+9) Outlook Calendar Solitaire
 Pizza in a Box
(+1) Tea Cup Mouse
 Urinal Pee Tester
(+2, -1) Urinal Sign
 UV/Ultra Sonic Washer/Hand Dryer
(+4) Winter Mouse

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