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Auto Power Converter

When 12v just won't do.
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We're all familiar with the 12v sockets within our vehicles, they probably being more used for electronic devices than the cigarette lighters they were originally designed to be. What if there's an emergency situation where the full torque-power of the vehicle would be more appreciated. Instances would include emergency water pumping, emergency power supply, emergency electrocution, etc.

This device fits under the drive wheels of a vehicle. The device has wheels that, against the wheels of the car, are driven, driving a motor, producing work.

It would be more compact, portable, and more powerful than a conventional generator.

See the illustration.

twitch, Nov 23 2010

Illustration http://i53.tinypic.com/2cdfhgp.jpg
For details of the concept [twitch, Nov 23 2010]

look at pg 290 http://books.google...pril%201948&f=false
and the rest of the magazine will amuse or enrage you as well :) [afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 24 2010]


       Look on the top righthand corner of page 290 of Popular Mechanics April 1948 !   

       Also, one of Red Green's favorite tricks is to jack up one corner of the van and use the wheel to drive all sorts of crazy devices..   

       You only need to use one wheel (on a 2-wheel-drive vehicle with an open differential).   

       not widely-known-to-exist.. so +
afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 24 2010

       That illustration is awesome [twitch]!
I would So like to know how to do that.

       illustration done in blender, free 3D program, took a good year to get basics down.   

       Wow... popular mechanics back then was awesome! wish they had a lot of current technology kits, but I'm sure they government would have a cow about that.
twitch, Nov 24 2010

       A fair amount would be required for the cooling fan... That reminds me of a concept for a dyno machine where all the power is used to drive a huge fan.
Ling, Nov 24 2010

       I wouldn't assume that more than 10% of power used would go to cooling the device, if even that. above that, i'm sure you'd have a lot left over for practical usage.
twitch, Nov 25 2010

       Wouldn't it be better to jack up one wheel and bolt the device's drive shaft direct to the hub?
pocmloc, Nov 26 2010

       Buy a Land Rover. Wide range of PTO accesories available.
8th of 7, Nov 26 2010

       I suppose the beauty of this thing is that it should be deployable and usable within a minute.
twitch, Nov 28 2010


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