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Bobcat attatchments for the Smart Car
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Bobcat and Smartcar should merge to create a hypbrid streetlegal version.
shinobi, Nov 16 2005

SmartCar http://www.smart.co...-/-/-/Default-Start
[jurist, Nov 16 2005]

Bobcat http://www.bobcat.com/
[jurist, Nov 16 2005]

Not So Smart Mercury Bobcat http://members.trip...STOMP_2/bobcat.html
This may quite possibly be the evil spawn of an ill-fated 1976 experimental attempt at crossbreeding the SmartCar and a Bobcat. Just further evidence that inter-species breeding rarely has happy results. [jurist, Nov 16 2005]

Bob's Mart http://dfung.com/li...apperton_Ave%29.htm
[jurist, Nov 17 2005]

Bob Smart http://www.csus.edu/org/theatre_alumni/
[jurist, Nov 17 2005]


       Sounds like it would have been suitable for Barbara Feldon and Don Adams to get around in.
skinflaps, Nov 16 2005

       Or don't buy anything your buddy was meant to have rechecked.
Texticle, Nov 17 2005

       And don't fuck with DrBob. He already *is* smart. (Does anyone else remember in high school, when someone was called "smart", and you were a female, it meant you were with child?)
blissmiss, Nov 17 2005

       Not really [bliss], could be a cultural thing.
Personally I consider anything involving a smart car to be the work of the devil.
hidden truths, Nov 17 2005


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