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Car Pets

Why does the love have to stop when I go out?
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I don't like to be alone in the car. And I really like my dog.

I want to be greeted with enthusiasm when I go to my car to - say, pick up the dry-cleaning or drive to work.

I want something to love about being stuck in traffic, this would make life better.

Practically speaking, I am not sure whether this would require a pet with special features or a car with special features. Either way I want it. I want pets in my car. You want it too.

_fredo_, Sep 17 2002

My have some legal issues http://www.pettravel.com/0001208.cfm
"Leaving a pet unattended in a car is now illegal in many places." [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

A porsche birdcage https://www.decoist...ssThanPoint002_p1=1
[pashute, Dec 06 2020]


       You need a car with special features. Spacious, temperature controlled, well ventilated - with a ventilation system that keeps running when the engine is off. Shady spots, and a comfy place to lie down. Non-skid, non spill food and water bowls.   

       Top marks. Croissant.
8th of 7, Sep 17 2002

       I'm the opposing view. No. No, I don't want that. I hate pets in cars. M-F-D withdrawn as per clarifying anno below from [_fredo_]
bristolz, Sep 17 2002

       Dashboard-mounted goldfish.
General Washington, Sep 17 2002

       I think [_fredo_] means a pet that lives in the car. Rather than a pet that comes with you when you drive your car. Hence this is not baked. How about a car plant.
Zircon, Sep 17 2002

       Then it's a WIBNI, since obviously a dog cannot live in a car.
waugsqueke, Sep 17 2002

       Dogs live in RVs and trailers. We don't see why a dog can't live in a suitably adapted large car, if the owner cares for it properly, so we dispute that this is WIBNI.
8th of 7, Sep 17 2002

       I had a neighbo(u)r whose dog lived in her car. Bitch. And I'm not talking about the dog.
thumbwax, Sep 17 2002

       its only fair that if your dog lives in the car then so do you. fishbone sorry.
po, Sep 17 2002

       a friend of my sister used to have a lizard that lived underneath her driver's seat. Every now and again she'd leave a little water for it. Apparently it lived off errant insects and discarded chocolate wrappers quite happily. (or she may have fed it a bit, don't know..)
yamahito, Sep 17 2002

       I was expecting some sort of rug for my automobile...   

       They do have pet rocks, they have minimal requirements in the food, drink, shelter and companionship categories.. and you won't get arrested for locking one in your car on a hot day.
Mr Burns, Sep 17 2002

       Clarification - I mean a pet that lives in the car. I know that pets go in cars. But its not really the same, now is it?
_fredo_, Sep 17 2002

       Unfortunate animals with no legs should fit nicely under shopping buggies -- I mean, they deserve to feel the wind rushing by, too.
reensure, Sep 17 2002

       I wouldn't be surprised if this is baked. Out in California, anyway, where carsize is just out of control. I tried driving a sporty little Alfa Romeo up the PCH and nearly got BigFooted on several occasions by RVs like nothing you've ever seen. You know in Saving Private Ryan? There's these vast machine gun bunkers on the Normandy Cliffs? Well that. With wheels.
General Washington, Sep 17 2002

       Car squrriels, leave the window open so when your shopping they can go and collect nuts and then train them so when so when you beep the horn they come running back and climb up their mini rope ladder back into the window.
Gulherme, Sep 18 2002


       Small, furry, affectionate creature. Can live happily in a relatively confined space. Can be trained to use a designated litter tray as its toilet area. Kills and eats in-car pests, can live on food scraps without harm. Can recognise car owner but presents signmificant deterrent effect to non-owner/thief. Reasonably tolerant of heat and cold. Not likely to distract driver when vehicle in motion.   

       How about a Chinchilla ? They're normally friendly creatures, but have a vicious bite. And they can stand cold; our point about needing continuous aircon in hot conditions stands though.   

       Or a car skunk ? Or a ferret ?
8th of 7, Sep 18 2002

       Don't you ever want to transport other folk in your car? What would pet do then?
PeterSilly, Sep 18 2002

       If you were driving te car, the pet would be happy and freindly and cuddle up to the guests. It would only attack people it didn't know when you weren't there. Dogs are often like that if properly trained.
8th of 7, Sep 18 2002

       I think (great idea) but theres been far to much attention paid to dogs thus far.   

       Consider the Australian platypus. Bill of a duck (for attacking wouldbe-window-washers), webbed feet (for stability during U-turns), lays eggs (handy if on a picnic with Benedict), furry (can be petted by small children).   

       Dont just dream it, it can be yours!!...goto www.platypustogo.com.au today and preorder!!
rumbletumbler, Sep 18 2002

       //Consider the Australian platypus//   

       ...if your car happens to be filled with water
madradish, Sep 18 2002

       For rear-engine cars, you cut could a hole in the front hood and have your pet's neck jut out through it. The pet would both see off any window washers and act as a stylish interactive hood ornament, especially if it was a basset hound such as Rosco-Pico-Train's droopy-eared companion Flash.
General Washington, Sep 18 2002

       Maybe I'm thinking too literally but it occurs to me that said pet would take up space, more so if said pet is to live in the vehicle. This would make it difficult to load the vehicle with other stuff/shopping/friends. I'm thinking foldable or collapsable pet here for just those kind of emergencies.   

       We've covered the inward requirements of the pet - wouldn't the excretions of the pet render the vehicle somewhat smelly after time?   

       I'm sorry, there's just too much to question about the feasibility about this idea, let alone the morality of keeping animals in small and potentially very hot boxes.
PeterSilly, Sep 18 2002

       A really cute chauffeur would suit me fine.
pfperry, Sep 18 2002

       Up next on the HalfBakery Channel: "Driving lessons for dogs", starring the late [pfperry] as The Driving Instructor.
8th of 7, Sep 18 2002

       We have heard (but cannot confirm - maybe a Darwin award) that cyclists have been know to have accidents from trying to "feed" those "Tanagotchi" electronic pets while riding along. Worse than mobile phones, methinks. So the "distraction" point is valid of the pet is free in the passenger compartment while you are driving. Having said that, our dog travels on the back seat quite happily and quietly and isn't a distraction.
8th of 7, Sep 18 2002

       UnaBubba: What kind of music do you play on that stero?
El Pedanto, Sep 18 2002

       Let's say you have a dog, Rex, in your car to make it a nicer place to be. You find yourself missing Rex, but not having anyplace you need to take your car so you make up a reason to drive someplace. We don't need more purposeless driving getting more vehicles out on the roadways wasting energy resources, adding more pollution and increasing the risk to other drivers.
jvonr, Sep 18 2002

       What about birds, we have birds near my house that attack the mirrors of your car as you drive down the street, for anybody who hasn't encountered them before they are quite scary. Birds could live on a little roost in the car and as your driving along you could let them out the window for a little fly around and then they could come back in though the window.
Gulherme, Sep 19 2002

       Could a dog manage on wheels?
veitchy, Jan 30 2003

       You'd have to get legal exemptions in some jurisdictions for this invention if you baked it. There are laws forbidding leaving a pet unattended, sparked by incidents where the pets overheated and died.
krelnik, Jan 30 2003

       The Renault Twingo was originally designed with/for the obejctive that the owners would wnat to pet it, and bring it up to their appartment, with tehm, instead of leaving it in the street.   

       Get your self one of those !!!!!!!!!!!!   

       Both Mrk. I and Mrk II's come highly recommended.   

sirau, May 15 2003

       How's about uying an Aibo. It dosen't die in the heat. And it looks cute for a robotic pet. Mabe Sony should make a recharger that fits in the cigarette lighter outlet to make your Aibo feel right at home. Or, chop out the 2 back seats and make the back end of your car/SUV (it won't work in a pickup or a 2-seater car) and make it your Aibo's playhouse/home. Any pet problem can be avoided with an cute robotic doggie- or a nice dog or cat from the pet shop.
croissantz, Aug 28 2004

       I got it, one word "Ferbie"
bogeld_mind21, Apr 20 2007

       //I got it, one word "Ferbie"//
You can get treatment for it, [bogeld_mind21]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 20 2007

       Not quite the same thing,but a lady friend has a Suburban that she carries her rescue dogs in.She leaves the engine and A/C running on hot days and locks the car. She has a pager that lets her know if the interior temperature rises 10 degrees.And no car thief is going to mess with a Suburban full of German Sheperds. They are kept in food and water, and they are ready to search and rescue whenever she is on duty. Is that close enough?
Bystander, Nov 10 2008

       Nobody mentioned the benefits of a pet snake for your Ferrari. Or a Porsche birdcage.
pashute, Dec 06 2020

       Creatures adapted to hot climates are ideal, but those are rarely friendly or cuddly. And many animals adapted for both heat and cold shed horribly.
Voice, Dec 06 2020


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