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Car Sail

emergency option for when you run out of gas
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Like a Sail Boat sail but engineered for a car.

Telescoping Mast that locks onto the roof or hood etc...

vfrackis, Aug 24 2012

This image looks like this idea ... http://farm1.static...90_c070ba46b4_o.jpg
... but I can't find any text about it, other than political speech of questionable veracity. [CraigD, Aug 27 2012]

A wind-powered battery electric car http://shopping.yah...ords-000000697.html
Uses a wind turbine rather than a sail, but a POC for an emergency wind charger for a more ordinary electric car. [CraigD, Aug 27 2012]


       If there's no gas, what's going to blow the sail?
spidermother, Aug 25 2012

       Could be a solar sail.
pocmloc, Aug 25 2012

       "Low bridge ahead ..."   

       How do you tack ?   

       This might work in the Midwest and Holland, but quite a few bits of your planet have these things called "hills" ...
8th of 7, Aug 25 2012


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