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Window safety
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Anyone who's ever had their fingers trapped in a car's electric window knows the excruciating pain this causes. However, the anti-crush window safety system would prevent such calamities ever occurring.

Much like safety systems on lift (elevator) doors that stop latecomers being crushed as the doors closed (see link), this system would spread invisible infra-red beam across the space in a car window. If any object entered the field, an automatic override would immediately re-open the window.

NickTheGreat, Sep 02 2002

Janus elevator products http://www.janusele...m/pana40+3dSet.html
Like this. (not advertising) [NickTheGreat, Sep 02 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       My car does this already, using torque sensors in the motors rather than IR. I assumed all did.
angel, Sep 02 2002

       And suppose you were trying to shut the window to prevent access by some would-be felon?   

       [Disappointed this is not some cure for puppy love.]
DrCurry, Sep 02 2002

       Well, you can't be too careful, [DrCurry], as the felon could sue you if you were to damage his fingers.  
bristolz, Sep 02 2002

       these scenarios do not happen very often - do not worry folks, you are safe on the streets. even bliss - bless her.
po, Sep 02 2002

       My brother did this to me, once. Electric windows were pretty new.   

       My dad started to drive off, too: he thought I was just running alongside the car to say goodbye (likely story)..
yamahito, Sep 02 2002

       Small children HAVE died after getting there heads trapped in leccy windows. As a reason not to do too much about it , auto mfrs. have probably cited expense. But they probably think as I do, that if your daft enuff to allow your kids to play with cars unsupervised, then you're better off not continuing your genetic line. Oooops, did I say that out loud.
briandamage, Sep 02 2002

       // My car does this already, using torque sensors in the motors rather than IR. I assumed all did. //   

       angel, they all do, at least in North America and presumably the UK. Baked, Nick, as angel points out.   

       I'd be interested in knowing who has ever felt that excruciating pain referenced in your first line. I'm guessing it's not you, Nick, since, as pointed out, power windows will stop when a finger obstructs them.   

       There is still a problem.Kids are still injured, however, as the windows in most models are designed to stop where they are. However, if where they are is constricting a child's neck, it doesn't do much good.   

       Some more expensive models have windows that stop and retract back down when they meet an object in the way. This is the real solution and should be mandatory for all models.
waugsqueke, Sep 03 2002

       A major difficulty is that the amount of torque required to close the windows may vary considerably based upon the weather, ice, and other conditions. Perhaps the motor could be designed to normally use fairly limitted torque but have a means of either increasing it or imparting additional force manually if the window is stuck?
supercat, Sep 03 2002

       //I'd be interested in knowing who has ever felt that excruciating pain referenced in your first line//   

       Me, dagnammit! Read the annos, waugs!   

       (obviously this safety feature was only introduced in the last ten years or so..)
yamahito, Sep 03 2002

       Our car is 'K'-reg (1994 or thereabouts, I think). It most certainly does NOT have any such system, as I found out to my expense when chivalrously holding the door open for my grandmother.
And Waugs, it was me as a matter of fact, and it bloody hurts - especially if your mum is too slow to realise what's happening and re-open the window.
NickTheGreat, Sep 03 2002

       Ah, but waugs is *always* right, so you must have imagined that pain. ;)
DrCurry, Sep 03 2002

       <grumbling monotone>I'll imagine *him* some pain..make light.. tragedy..grr..millenium hand and shrimp</grumbling monotone>
yamahito, Sep 03 2002

       You have a crush on you auntie? Dude, that's not right....
Zircon, Sep 03 2002


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