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Autocomplete Delete

Get rid of the entries you don't want
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Autocomplete is a useful feature, which I find particularly useful when I need to enter my email address into a form. However, if you mistype something, autocomplete remembers it and you have to look at both entries carefully to choose the correct one. It would be nice to have a plugin that added an X next to each entry so you could delete it, or gave right-click functionality to delete.

This could also be useful for entries that would be embarrassing if anyone else saw them.

marklar, Dec 30 2007


       That's just poor programming. IE and Outlook offer autocomplete and both allow you to delete entries from the cache.
phoenix, Dec 30 2007

       Opera has this.
dbmag9, Dec 30 2007

       [dbmag9] Well she should share it with the rest of us.   

       [phoenix] I can only find an option to delete the entire cache in IE, not individual entries. I don't have the other programs on this PC, so I can't check them.
marklar, Dec 31 2007

       // Don't let the poor program. Reserve the activity for the rich.
Ian Tindale, Dec 30 2007
Opera has this.
dbmag9, Dec 30 2007//
Yeah! but we all know that Opera is the preserve of the rich, anyway.
gnomethang, Dec 31 2007

       You mean they spread her on toast and eat her for breakfast?
theleopard, Dec 31 2007

       Yes, yes they do. With bees.
marklar, Dec 31 2007

       Why else would she back Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton is severely lacking in B's.
4whom, Dec 31 2007

       [phoenix] Microsoft doesn't have an editor for the NK2 (Outlook's autocomplete database) file in Outlook, what do you use?
MisterQED, Dec 31 2007

       In Outlook 2002, when typing a name or e-mail address, the application will offer suggestions based both on my various address books as well as people I've e-mailed before. If there's an entry cached that I don't want in the autocomplete list, I just arrow down to it and press delete. IE 7 has similar functionality in its search box.   

       Neither is held up as a final solution, only that the technology exists and is implemented. I agree that if a program is going to cache everything, it should give you the tools to control the cache.
phoenix, Dec 31 2007

       [phoenix] I just used, it and it's exactly what I need. Shame it's not more obvious, but hey, neither is the CTRL+ENTER function.
marklar, Jan 06 2008

       Who'd have thought it, it works (in Firefox) in any autocomplete suggestions for any text box. This fixes when I've forgotten a username for a particular site, tried them all, and then know that the next time I forget it will suggest them all... you live and learn.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Jan 06 2008


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