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Exploring behavior visualizer

keeps track of all your browsing on your own filesystem and uses/visualises traffic density
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Simple utility (driver? service?) that hooks into explorer and keeps track of all the paths you click/run.../browse to on your system. As time progresses, stuff can be learnt from that:

- heavily used directories - heavily used click paths

these can be made bigger in explorer itself, or bolder, or used in any other, direct way. The mouse can be made to gravitate towards more heavily used paths. Windows dialogs (file open!) can learn from it (they can also differentiate based on what app is opening the dialog) so you don't have to browse between that two far-apart folders every time you use photoshop. And ofcourse, it's fun to visualise it like in Thinking Machine 4 (see link).

moroder, Jan 17 2006

thinking machine 4 http://turbulence.o...inking/gallery.html
gallery and playable version of the thinking machine [moroder, Jan 17 2006]


       Your neural pathways and 'muscle memory' already make accessing familiar directories much, much quicker over time.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 17 2006

       Great, so when I get to my desk my coworkers will all be standing around looking at this gigantic icon that dominates my display, labeled "bakery".
normzone, Jan 17 2006


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