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Virtual therapist

Virtual, Tailored Therapy Based on Internet Habits
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Gives you advice based on inferences of your shortcomings and personality traits gained from your web surfing habits.

Idea being that what you do may be more accurate idea of who you are then what you might tell somone in a therapy session.

bob, Nov 13 2018


       "You watch a lot of kitten videos ... do the world a favour, throw yourself under a bus".
8th of 7, Nov 13 2018

       There could be something to this. It reminds me of that story where Amazon detected that a teenager was pregnant before she did, and accidentally tipped off her parents by recommending pregnancy-related products to other Amazon users on the same public IP address. But applying AI to problems like this is notoriously difficult, so I wouldn't put any bets on it working well anytime soon.
notexactly, Nov 13 2018

       To be a success, it only needs to work well enough to get you to buy things you weren't previously aware you needed.
8th of 7, Nov 13 2018


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