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Bi-directional Predictive Address Bar

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When typing an address into the address bar of a browser, it has the very useful feature of a drop-down menu which lets you choose from previously visited sites that begin with the string already entered in the address bar. As useful as this feature is, it would be more useful for it to also include the prediction in the other direction.

For example, the string "domain.com" would yield not only documents such as "domain.com/site/page.html", but also documents from its sub domains: "subdomain.domain.com/main.html". expanding the input text in two possible directions.

[ sctld ], Dec 15 2004


       yup, like it. although typing in index.htm wouldbe confusing.
neilp, Dec 15 2004

       even if it remains one-directional, auto-completion could be more useful, if it tried to complete not from the end of the address, but from where the cursor is.   

       For example, I want to go to halfbakery.com. Mistakenly I type bakery.com, I realize my error, go in front with the cursor and start typing h-a-... . Currently nothing happens. With this new method, it will suggest halfbakery.
lkozma, Sep 06 2007


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